Pigs in the Hood

I took a walk east on Devon from. Washtenaw to Artesian early on Tuesday morning, August 14. The amount of garbage from Monday is disgraceful. The SSA and the alderman are simply not doing enough to keep the street clean.

You really have to be a pig to stick your garbage in between two buildings.

This is why we have rats. This household garbage was piled so high it spilled over onto the sidewalk. And it sat there all night.


9 This is partly the city’s fault. Trash cans do not figure into some designer’s idea of a seating area.

Residents have no business using trash cans on Devon for household garbage. But the alderman is afraid to tell them so.


This appeared to be a diaper box in a bag. There were so many flies buzzing around I didn’t look too closely.

The sidewalk is a good place for garbage.

Snackers cannot be expected to carry their trash to the corner trash can. They will, however, walk past the trash can empty-handed.

The base of a tree somehow cries out for garbage


What a mess! How do these people live at home?




These photos were taken in late July and early August 2018.

The dumpster is empty. The garbage is piled in the alley. This building at 6410 North Fairfield has inflicted a garbage problem on neighbors for years.

This food garbage was dumped in one of the sit – and- spit areas on Devon

Eat, drink, and be a merry pig.

In other wards the aldermen have launched educational programs to teach newcomers how to dispose of household trash in a middle-class neighborhood in a large American city . Not in the 50th.

Another sit-and-spit area.

Sit, drink, spit, leave.

Just feel free to put your trash down anywhere. Someone is bound to come along and clean it up for you.

This storefront is vacant. A perfect place for garbage.

Devon is a park-and-dump street. This picture was taken on a Sunday morning. There is no trash pickup on Saturday night, so the rats have a field day.


One thought on “Pigs in the Hood

  1. This truly turns my stomach, can you image what their homes look like?? Its no wonder when someone buys a building they have to make it condo or rehab because they are so trashed inside that they have to gut the whole building. It was NEVER like this when i was growing up.


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