Pete Sifnotis

He ran for alderman against a  candidate with nearly $150,000 in her campaign fund. He had  less than $6,000, all from personal savings. He  served in the United States Marine Corps for eight years–enlisting directly after  high school–and was heavily involved in the Marine Corps Toys for Tots annual toy drive, spending one year as the  program’s assistant coordinator. He’s been president of his condo  association and is now starting his junior  year in college.

Meet Peter Sifnotis, a Greek-American born in the western suburbs who loves Mexican and Indian  food, listening to records, watching classic movies, and working on his truck. In his spare time he’s a driver  for Uber and is involved in intramural sports. 

He’s also  a proud resident of the 50th Ward. “I chose to move  here because it’s such a diverse community, and I really  enjoy meeting new people and exploring new cultures,”  Pete said. “One of the things I loved about campaigning  was walking parts of the ward that were new to me or that I had driven through but not really explored.”

Pete and his English bulldog, Winston,  can often be found heading for Indian Boundary or Green Briar parks. Winston keeps Pete company on those long nights  of study, but gets him out of the house for playtime.  Winston’s a fast learner, too. Did you see the Facebook clip  of Pete teaching Winston to jump over an obstacle? Winston’s not quite ready for the agility course, but you can watch his progress on Pete’s Facebook page here.

Pete’s pursuing a BA in economics at Northeastern Illinois University with a
focus on urban economics and development. If you attended  the aldermanic forums, you saw the former high school debate  champ in action. It appears that the political bug has  bitten Peter Sifnotis. “I intend to remain active in  the 50th Ward. There’s lots to be done here, and I’m hoping to connect with people who feel as I do and help lead  the drive for positive change.”




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