Water Fountains Turned Off in Local Parks

The Chicago Park District has begun turning off water fountains in local parks because of lead contamination. According to information released by the Park District, two of our local parks are affected.

Indian Boundary¬†— Three fountains have been turned off:

#1 — north of the spray pool

#2 — east of the tennis courts

#3 — west of the Fieldhouse, on the path.

Warren Park — Eight water fountains off: #1 — northwest corner of the park, north of the play lot

#2 — near the golf course bathroom

#3 — northeast corner of the park, near the play lot

#4 — on the path, east of the baseball diamond and west of the golf course

#5 — north of the tennis courts

#6 — southwest play lot

#7 — Cricket field

#8 — horseshoe pit, east of cricket field.

Please be sure to alert teenagers and young children. For the time being, it’s best to bring your own water.