Snowstorm Updates

Ald. Joe Moore of the 49th Ward today released the following updates on this weekend’s snow.

“The National Weather Service reports a Lakefront Flood Advisory, remains in effect until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.  Strong onshore winds are expected to produce waves of seven to ten feet, which will drive up already-above-average lake levels.

You can track the Streets & San snow plows as they move through the city in real time by clicking here.

City ordinance requires homeowners and business owners to shovel the sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours after a snowfall ends.  Not only is it the neighborly thing to do, but failure to do so can result in a fine of up to $500. For more information on the City’s snow removal requirements for sidewalks, click here.”

I’m disappointed but not surprised that nobody from Silverstein’s office was assigned to monitor the storm or provide updated information to residents.

City snowplows are concerned only with plowing the streets and end up blocking intersections and bus stops with piles of snow, making it nearly impossible for pedestrians to safely cross streets or access buses. Seniors and those with disabilities are often unable to shovel their sidewalks.

During her eight years in office, Ald.  Silverstein has never organized a volunteer snow removal corps for the 50th ward. The SSA collects taxes  to pay for snow removal on Devon’s sidewalks and sidewalks on Western from Arthur to Granville;  it did not do an adequate job with the previous snowfall, and never shovels intersections  or bus stops.

Any help that you can give to shovel a sidewalk or unblock a bus stop or intersection would be greatly appreciated by your neighbors. I’ll be out tomorrow shoveling intersections, bus stops, and alley crossings, too. There’s more snow due on Tuesday.

Personally, I prefer Hollywood snow. It falls gently, looks great, and disappears on its own.






50th Ward Candidates Forum

The West Ridge Community Organization (WRCO) is sponsoring the 50th Ward Aldermanic Candidates Forum on Thursday, January 31, from 7 to 10 p.m. at Devon Bank.

At this writing, Andrew Rowlas and Debra Silverstein are the only candidates on the ballot. Both Majid Mustafa and Zehra Quadri are awaiting decisions from the Chicago Board of Elections on challenges to their nominating petitions. Both were challenged by Silverstein surrogate  Mark Tannbebaum; the Board is scheduled to make a final decision on those challenges  on Saturday, January 19.

The challenges to Mr. Mustafa’s petitions by Armando Ramos and Ms. Quadri’s petitions by Abdul Shaikh Rahman have not been settled.

I understand there will be a second candidates forum sometime in February, sponsored jointly by the West Ridge Chamber of Commerce and the Jewish Neighborhood Development Council (formerly the Jewish Community Council of West Rogers Park).


Lighting the Base

The alderman announced via email that new lighting will be installed on Touhy Avenue between Kedzie and Rockwell just in time for the election. I’ll say one thing for her, she certainly knows how to deliver for her base.

The area in question borders Precincts 1, 5, 6, 9, 16, and 33–all Silverstein strongholds which supported  her in the last election, giving her, respectively, 68%, 74‰, 73%, 63%, 75%, and 70% of their votes. These six precincts gave her more than 17% of her total votes.

Naturally, she took credit for the city’s decision to install the lighting. It’s part of a city-wide lighting upgrade program but Silverstein makes the dubious claim that she arranged to have the money released early so the lights can be installed now rather than in “several years.” Naturally, this was the only part of the ward that desperately needed lighting before the election.

Dazzled by their new ability to more clearly see vacant storefronts at night, residents are not expected to notice how easily Silverstein thinks their votes can be bought.

Old-style machine politician that she is, Silverstein knows how to dole out rewards in an election year.  Ira’s little scandal and her own ineptitude have done some damage to the Silverstein brand, so she has to avoid as much vote slippage as possible. Turning taxpayer-funded programs into gifts from Herself  is one way to do it.

Lights for Votes! Could it be any clearer?










“D” for Diversity

The alderman released a campaign video last week with high production values and nothing to say, except that the 50th Ward is the most diverse ward in the City, she is proud to represent our diverse community, diversity, diversity, diversity.

Last week The Center for Racial and Gender Equity released its report ranking  the City Council and each alderman on support for diversity as demonstrated by their support for political and economic equity for Black Chicagoans. Overall, the council received an “F.”

Silverstein earned a “D.”

Individual aldermen were ranked by their sponsorship on key issues identified by the Center, which points out that “…the vast majority of aldermen rarely act independently, but rather vote with the mayor and council leadership over 90% of the time.” (Silverstein voted with Rahm 96% of the time according to a recent UIC report.) One point was awarded for each time an alderman introduced or co-sponsored an ordinance aimed at improving black communities. Silverstein co-sponsored 10 of 35 bills tracked by the Center, and did not receive any points for introducing any bills. 

As usual, Silverstein was careful not to be a prominent co-sponsor of any of  those ten bills.  She’s always hiding  in the middle of the pack, careful not to offend the mayor and incapable  of  taking a stand  on any issue. She plays as much of a leadership role in the council as she does in the ward. 

Silverstein constantly babbles about diversity because she has no accomplishments to talk about. The streetscape is old news and the library was brought to the ward by the LEARN Coalition and the Mayor, although Silverstein would have residents believe it was all her doing. On her watch, the sole cultural asset in the less affluent, more racially mixxed. south end of the ward was relocated to the mostly white north end. Affordable housing has been built for seniors–but not families–on the north end, and a new luxury housing development is being constructed just a stone’s throw from the new library.

On the south end, whose residents are primarily Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern, and Black, with a heavy population  of immigrant families, there is no new cultural institution or affordable housing being built– or even discussed. The alderman has remained silent  amid persistent rumors  that the fate of the old library building has already been decided, and that it will not become a community center or cultural center as mamy residents had hoped. Silverstein has never held a single public meeting to get input from the community on this issue.

Silverstein doesn’t seem to understand that her attendance at an Iftar dinner does absolutely nothing to help struggling non-white families or promote intercultural or interracial harmony. But then, she stays away from her white constituents, too–except at election time. She has never organized  a single event that promotes and celebrates all the ethnicities and races within our Ward. Yet she attempts to use that same diversity to get herself reelected.

Do we really want an alderman with a sorry record like Silverstein’s representing the values of the 50th Ward to the City? Diversity is yet another issue on which Silverstein talks a good game, but doesn’t deliver.

A “D” for support of racial equity should rate an “F” for reelection.



Corrected Devon Bus Reroute Info

The Alderman’s office has provided erroneous information about the rerouting of the #155 (Devon) bus while sewers are being replaced at Mozart.  We are three days into this construction and none of the parties in charge have bothered to keep one another informed. There is no signage advising of the bus reroute at any of the CTA stops west of either Western or California. There are no signs advising motorists not to park or stand in what are now the new, temporary bus lanes. And it doesn’t appear as though all CTA drivers got the new route message, either.

I called the CTA for the correct information.   Westbound buses will NOT turn south at Western Avenue but will continue westbound to California Avenue, where they will turn south to Peterson, then continue West to Lincoln, from Lincoln to Kedzie, and then from Kedzie back to Devon.

This morning while I was waiting for a northbound California bus I saw two  #155 buses turn  north on California, leaving passengers stranded on Devon  just to the west. Worse, there was a car standing in what should have been the bus lane,  forcing the bus to board and deboard its passengers at a 90—degree angle to the street, delaying traffic turning north onto California, and blocking westbound traffic on Devon.

The road closure sign on Devon doesn’t appear until Talman, so how are drivers supposed to know that they should turn south or north at Western? There is a second road closure sign at California  but drivers westbound this morning seemed confused by it, with several drivers being unable to stop in time to turn north or south onto California. If there’s a truck or an oversized van ahead of you, you won’t see the sign until you’re on top of it.

Honestly, how hard can it be to coordinate a project like this? Isn’t this what the alderman’s office is supposed to do? Didn’t the alderman get together with the City and the CTA to ensure that this project could proceed smoothly? Didn’t she realize that pedestrians, drivers, and bus riders would need to be notified, that temporary parking restriction signs would have to be put in plae  so that bus passengers  could get on and off buses safely, that visible signage is required? Isn’t it her job to see to it that everybody involved does what they are supposed to do?

Maybe Silverstein should get out of her office and out of her car and start paying attention to the details involved in projects like this. Maybe if she’d take a walk to see how things are being done, she’d find out that they aren’t.

Sewer Work to Make a Mess of Devon

You may have heard the alderman’s late announcement that westbound traffic on Devon will be disrupted for the next 6 weeks because of sewer replacements at Richmond. It was nice of her to tell us the night before the work starts, although I had learned about this earlier Monday when traffic was slowed to a crawl at Talman by an angled, oversized street sign advising of the construction, which begins today.

Apparently Silverstein’s office was unaware of this project until the last minute. Or perhaps they were too focused on her re-election campaign to pay attention.

Westbound traffic will be rerouted at Western south to Peterson, then to Lincoln, then Kedzie, and eventually back to Devon. Eastbound traffic will not be affected.

What this really means for those of us who live in the area is that the East-West alleys on both sides of Devon will be even busier than usual with vehicles whose drivers ignore “No Thruway” signs.

Don’t look for an increased police presence to monitor traffic. They won’t be able to get through either.

This doesn’t say much for Silverstein’s working relationship with City departments. On the other hand, maybe it speaks volumes.



Follies Truth Squad: Silverstein Campaign Mailer, Part III

From the day she took office in 2011, Debra Silverstein has presented herself as our very own crime-fighting alderman. She is particularly concerned with property crime, and calls public safety meetings every time there’s an outbreak of graffiti or a rash of stolen bikes. She enjoys being viewed as the law and order alderman. But is this image accurate? 

Let’s examine Silverstein’s claims about her influence and activism on issues of public safety as she describes them in her recent newsletter/campaign mailer. Most of her claims are pure malarkey.

We all want to be safe on the streets and in our homes, but heaven help us if public safety is under the direction of a part-time alderman rather than full-time, experienced, highly trained professional police officers. I think we are better served if politicians leave police work to those trained to do it. Silverstein was a CPA and has no background in law enforcement, so her claims that she “organizes” police activities or (her old favorite resurrected on her campaign website) “multi-jurisdictional task forces” are ludicrous.   Of course, as alderman she has an interest in the ward’s safety, and I’m sure the police keep her informed of crime rates and trends, but she is not directly involved in determining police strategy and shouldn’t claim otherwise.

She states that she was “…instrumental in organizing the following activities to assist in fighting crime,” and then assumes credit for decisions such as adding more police officers and introducing smart policing technology. These are decisions and actions taken by the commanders of the Chicago Police Department and do not require input from Silverstein.

To begin with, neither more cops nor improved technology were added to the 50th Ward as she states. They were added to the 17th and 24th Police Districts. This is an important distinction because both districts cover more than one ward.  Silverstein’s wording suggests that these developments are specific to the 50th Ward and result from her work as alderman. This is not so.

More importantly, police officials direct resources where they are needed. Statistically, West Ridge is one of the safest areas in the City; it, too, covers more than one ward. But Rogers Park, where the 24th District Police are headquartered, experiences more crime than West Ridge. Its activist alderman, Joe Moore,  organized the public safety meeting held after the murders of Douglass Watts and Eliyahu Moscowitz in Rogers Park. Police Supt. Eddie Johnson and a host of other police officials discussed the crimes and reassured frightened neighborhood residents.

To respond to fears  in the Jewish community that Mr. Moscowitz was targeted because he was Jewish, police officials also held a community meeting in the 50th Ward. But Silverstein did not organize this meeting nor did she “bring” them here. This was a police response to a stunned and grieving community.

What Silverstein did do in the weeks that followed was milk this tragedy for political advantage, appearing at two prayer services, outdoor police roll calls, and, as always, having her picture taken. She attended the funeral for Mr. Moscowitz, and announced with great fanfare that a reward had been offered, addressing neighborhood residents via a series of emails.  When the press moved on to other matters, Silverstein lost interest, too. But she has several times used photos of herself taken at the prayer services  in her newsletters and on her campaign website. Tacky.

Silverstein’s response to the death of Mr. Moscowitz was very different from her response to two homicides that occurred within three days on Devon Avenue in 2016. The first was a young man shot by an estranged girlfriend. The second was a 19-year-old gang member executed as he sat in a car in a parking lot outside a liquor store less than two blocks from Silverstein’s office. There were no community meetings to discuss public safety, no police officials to reassure frightened people, no alderman to “organize” a response. Instead, Silverstein dismissed both events with a single line in her weekly newsletter, describing the two murders as “some shootings.”  Where was her compassion and concern for public safety then?

Silverstein believes that outdoor police roll calls help curb crime. I’ve been unable to find any documented research that this is true. The rationale is that these roll calls enhance police transparency and help build solidarity with the community. That appears to be more PR spin than fact. What it does in the 50th Ward is provide yet another opportunity for an aldermanic photo-op, like the silly shot of Silverstein exchanging a salute with police officers that she’s published in her newsletter.

Devising, improving, or supervising policing strategies are activities  outside the scope of Silverstein’s responsibilities as alderman. Her claims of being actively involved in police work and fighting crime are baseless but play well with an audience distracted by photos of her with cops.

Public safety. would be vastly improved if she just did her job and let the police do theirs.

Follies Truth Squad: Silverstein Campaign Mailer, Part II

Any alderman who claims tree trimming as a major accomplishment should not be running for reelection.

The overall impression conveyed by the claims listed in Ald. Silverstein’s newsletter/campaign mailer is that she invests most of her time in relatively trivial pursuits rather than doing the hard work of creating an economic development plan, leading the way on community empowerment, and providing the leadership the ward so desperately needs. Among her many failures on the major issues:

  • Silverstein has failed to deliver the “spirited economic development plan” for California, Devon, Touhy, and Western Avenues that she promised in 2010. She’s had eight years to do so.
  • Silverstein has stubbornly refused to bring participatory budgeting to the 50th Ward, despite widespread neighborhood support, and actively tried to prevent a nonbinding referendum from making the ballot, hiring her elections attorney to challenge the wording of the PB petition and fight the issue before the Chicago Board of Elections. Instead of granting the community a voice in how the $1.3M menu money is used, she spends it all on her major obsession–potholes
  • Silverstein never engaged the community in what she now claims was one of her major priorities–a new Northtown Library. She should have led the community in its attempts to replace the crumbling structure on California with a new building, but she did nothing except discourage neighborhood residents who approached her about doing so. The LEARN Coalition was organized as a direct response to her lack of interest and succeeded in bringing the neighborhood’s needs to the attention of the Chicago Public Library Board and the Mayor’s Office. Silverstein was not the driving force behind the new library, despite her claims otherwise. She refuses to acknowledge that LEARN led the way.
  • Silverstein has failed to attract significant numbers of new businesses to the ward. She has failed to create the business districts that would support the idea of West Ridge being “The International Marketplace,” as its marketing campaign claims. The new campaign, “On Devon,” is built on the fantasy that there are a wide variety of shops selling a vast array of unique goods . In fact, most stores on Devon are small grocers, beauty shops, and cell phone stores. Touhy Avenue is commercially barren, with blocks of vacancies. Western has many vacancies as well.

Yet Silverstein brags about “improving our local businesses” by hanging banners and attending meetings of the Chamber of Commerce and the SSA.  She doesn’t just meet “regularly” with the SSA, she controls it. The poor decisions it makes are made in her office, with Silverstein  in attendance. She chooses the commissioners, who are technically appointed by the Mayor. The hodgepodge of community programs it offers (Movie in the Parking Lot, Devon’s Got Talent) are poorly conceived and executed.

I’ve discussed the new library extensively in various posts. One  important point needs to be reiterated:

  • Silverstein appointed a secret advisory committee to help her make decisions on the library’s final design. Its members were appointed nearly two years ago, but to this day Silverstein refuses to disclose who they are. They were sworn to secrecy by her and forbidden to discuss their deliberations or reveal the names of fellow committee members to anyone. This is public business. Why the need for secrecy?

The Devon Avenue streetscape, her other major accomplishment, is a disaster.

  • The street is now so narrow that it slows traffic and creates constant traffic jams
  • The lack of police foot patrols from Talman to Western–the main shopping area on Devon–has left drivers feeling free to park or stand in bus lanes, forcing passengers to board and exit the bus in the street, while the bus blocks traffic  Many vehicles park or stand in crosswalks while waiting for shoppers inside the grocery stores
  • Many drivers park parallel to the curb bump-outs, and it is impossible for two lanes of traffic to pass each other.
  • Devon is an environmental disaster. The BGA recently released a report on the most polluted areas of Chicago. Because the business model on Devon requires that shoppers be recruited from outside the neighborhood, vehicular pollution is high. You’d think the alderman who claims educating the neighborhood’s children as yet another of her “priorities” would show some concern for the toddlers in daycare centers and the kids in our local schools. Ha! Silverstein’s busy looking for potholes and counting sawed-off tree limbs
  • The sidewalks are simply filthy. Many are stained by pan, a mixture of beetle juice, herbs, and often tobacco that is chewed and spit all over the place. The stains on the new sidewalks are permanent, and the seating areas disgusting. I call them sit-and-spit areas. Pan is banned in India and Canada, among other nations, because its use is unsanitary and indelible. It’s allowed on Devon, and sold by a significant number of stores. The alderman doesn’t care.
  • The streetscape design did not include trash cans in the seating areas, so garbage is dumped in planters and on / under seating

Notice that Silverstein takes credit for attending parades, “Iftar dinners,” and claims she participated in soccer games and the World Cup Final. That’s a sight I’d like to see. But however clumsy the wording, labeling these activities as “celebrat[ing] all our cultures” is ridiculous. I’ve always said she excels at the ceremonial aspects of her job–nobody is more willing to pose for pictures–but this is symbolism, not leadership.

Is the Movie in the Park really an example of Silverstein working with the community? Did Silverstein really help produce the Indian Boundary Park Harvest Fest? Or did she simply show up for yet another photo-opp?

It’s worth noting that the alderman with more than $190,000 in her war chest could not find a few hundred dollars to buy turkeys for the poor at Thanksgiving. In eight years in office, Silverstein has never organized a food drive or a coat drive for the less fortunate. Yes, her office collects items for Toys for Tots, veterans, and others, but I’ve never felt that she has any compassion for people less well-off than she is. I reviewed her campaign fundraising expense account, and find she consistently makes only two charitable donations: $200 per month to CJE for transportation for the elderly, and $50 per year for the North Boundary Homeowners League.

Four more years?? With this sorry record??

I think not.

Tomorrow: Part III will focus on Silverstein’s claims regarding public safety


Follies Truth Squad: Silverstein Campaign Mailer–Part I

When I was a kid, our garbage was put into trucks labeled “Mayor Daley’s Streets & Sanitation.” Visitors arriving at O’Hare Airport were greeted by signs proclaiming Mayor Daley welcomed them to Chicago, and, when they left, signs advising that Mayor Daley said goodbye. His name and his face were on everything, everywhere. He ruled Chicago with an iron fist for 21 years.

Debra Silverstein is like Mayor Daley. It’s Ald. Silverstein’s Flu Shot Clinic. It’s Ald. Silverstein’s Movie in the Park. It’s Ald. Silverstein’s Back to School Fair. Her picture is on the announcement of every City program, her weekly newsletter filled with photos of her going about the most routine and mundane aspects of her job. Her name and her face are on everything, everywhere. She’s ruled the 50th Ward with an iron fist for 8 long years.

Now she wants another four.

Silverstein needs one more term to qualify for the generous pension the aldermen have legislated for themselves. She’s paid nearly $10,000 per month for the part-time job of alderman, and she works part-time hours. Her pension after 12 years in office is 80% of her final monthly salary–for the rest of her life. We’d continue to pay her a lot of money to do nothing, but we’d be spared the newsletters and photos.

I’m just guessing, but I suspect the reason there’s only one Orthodox candidate for alderman in 2019 is that Silverstein made a deal: Two Orthodox canddates would split the Jewish vote, thus risking what has been the Jewish seat in the City Council for more than 75 years. An alderman can retire at age 55, and Silverstein is 52. I suspect Silverstein agreed to step down after a third term to allow a more competent candidate to run.

Like most people in the ward, I have no problem voting for a Jewish alderman, but I do have a problem voting for an incompetent alderman.

Silverstein is incompetent. She is also lazy, doing as little as possible. She is not proactive, either in the ward or in the City Council, where she is absent from open debate about City business with her colleagues.

Silverstein recently issued a campaign mailer disguised as a 50th Ward Newsletter. Even by Silverstein standards, it’s a bizarre piece, filled with overblown, easily refuted claims, with no fewer than a dozen pictures of Herself, all in four crowded pages. The mailer is filled with inaccuracies, misleading statements, and outrageous claims about her effectiveness. It also inadvertently showcases one of Silverstein’s most deplorable traits–her penchant for taking credit for all positive developments in the 50th Ward, even when she doesn’t deserve it. Make that especially when she doesn’t deserve it. Her sharp elbows are well-known to the residents and community groups muscled out of the way so she can take sole credit for the work done by others.

The Follies Truth Squad is now in session.

Possible Campaign Violation

This “newsletter” is clearly a campaign mailer yet does not state that it was paid for by her campaign organization. The use of taxpayer funds for such a mailer is prohibited by election laws. This is not a 2018 year-end recap, it’s a review of her first two terms and a blatant appeal for a third. Some of the copy reappears verbatim on her new campaign website. If her aldermanic office paid for this, or had any hand in its preparation or distribution, it’s a campaign violation. (I’ll have more to say on this later this week.).

The Letter

The letter on page one refers to “another busy year” and describes the newsletter’s content as “… [outlining] our major efforts and some of our most significant accomplishments” in 2018. She then engages in a false and clumsy attempt to suggest she partners with the community in her aldermanic activities. In fact, she disdains contact with her constituents and actvely discourages community input in ward governance. The letter ends with an elegant but fake signature. Nothing evokes sincerity quite like a computer-generated signature on a letter you write heaping praise upon yourself.

Legislative Update

Silverstein lists among her “major accomplishments” during this “busy year” legislation that was passed in 2014 and 2016 (the minimum wage and paid sick leave ordinances, passed in December 2014 and June 2016, respectively).

She proudly notes that she “co-sponsored” both ordinances, but neglects to say that she was one of 40 co-sponsors for the paid sick leave bill, and one of 33 co-sponsors for the bill to increase the minimum wage.

Silverstein claims her “…vote helped create the Office of Labor Standards.”  This suggests a close contest, with Silverstein’s vote necessary for passage. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the ordinance was co-sponsored by 38 aldermen, including Silverstein. Neither Silverstein nor her vote were instrumental in getting the ordinance passed.

Silverstein takes full credit for passage of the ordinance banning bump stocks, claiming that she “… passed a vital ordinance through the City Council….”  (Bump stocks are devices fitted to weaponry that makes guns fire as if they were automatics.) It is true that Silverstein was the primary sponsor and introduced the ordinance shortly after the Illinois Legislature banned bump stocks in February of 2018. But there was no opposition to the ordinance, it was co-sponsored by 47 other aldermen, and  passed by a City Council vote of 48-0 (two aldermen were absent).  Silverstein credits only herself for its passage. Those sharp elbows again. This explains why she has built no alliances in the City Council. She’s a one-person legislature. Who needs colleagues?

Property Tax Increases in City Budget

Silverstein claims that she “…remains opposed to any property tax increases…” and voted against “any budget that included a property tax hike.” What she doesn’t say is that, while she voted against passing the budgets, she voted for imposing the property taxes. She voted for the 2019 levy. She voted for the 2018 levy. She voted for the 2017 levy. (Click on “Action Details” to see how the aldermen voted. In 2017 there was a “rising vote,” which means that the aldermen stood for “yea” and “nay” rather than responding individually) . A few other aldermen who voted against the budget also voted against imposing the taxes. Not Silverstein. She wants it both ways. She trumpets her vote against the budget, but fails to mention voting for the taxes.

She also fails to mention that she voted to impose other taxes and service fee increases, like motor fuel taxes, and voted to double the rates on 800 parking meters at Wrigley Field.

Silverstein claims on her campaign website that she believes in transparency and uses her weekly newsletter to advise 50th ward residents of her City Council activities. Funny, but I didn’t see anything from her on any of these votes.

She has little interest in the City budget anyway. A 2016 Tribune investigation found that Silverstein attended only 31% of hearings with City officials where they explained and discussed their budget requests. She didn’t attend any hearings the first two days, and skipped the first hearing, the City Budget Director’s overview of the budget. Silverstein then failed to attend hearings for the following departments: Cultural Affairs and Special Events, Family and Supportive Services,  Innovation & Technology, the Chicago Board of Elections, the Fire Department, Planning & Development, the Board of Ethics, the Chicago Public Library, the Law Department, and Business Affairs and Consumer Protection.

She did attend the budget hearing for Streets & San, a reflection of her pothole obsession. She may well be the only alderman in the city who boasts about wasting her time driving up and down ward streets looking for potholes. In other wards that’s the job of the ward superintendent.

She doesn’t mention in her “Legislative Update” that she voted against giving the city Inspector General the authority to investigate aldermen and their staffs. She doesn’t mention that she voted to return excess TIF money being used to pay down City debt just so the mayor could keep a pledge of revenue neutrality (the City collected more money than expected). She doesn’t volunteer that she voted for the Mayor’s risky plan to create a “Special Purpose Entity” to borrow three billion dollars for debt restructuring; this plan would cost taxpayers $660 million dollars per year in sales tax revenues and was compared to Daley’s parking meter deal.

She doesn’t say that in the past 18 months, she voted to support Mayor Emanuel’s initiatives 96% of the time.

If you haven’t read former alderman Dick Simpson’s latest report on the sorry state of the Chicago City Council, you can access it here. Earlier reports can be found there, too. They are an invaluable guide to which aldermen do a proper job for their constituents and the City. Only a few aldermen are truly independent voices, asking questions, demanding answers, holding the Mayor and his allies accountable. Silverstein isn’t one of them.

A busy year, indeed.

Tomorrow: The Follies Truth Squad reviews Silverstein’s claims on education, community services, and economic development.





Signs of the Times

Are the times a changin’ in West Ridge? There are signs…..

Ira’s office is for rent.




And then there’s Wednesday’s invitation from the alderman to joinTeam Silverstein and help her win re-election. I’ve never received a sadder, more desperate message from a politician. This is the first time she has ever asked the community at large for help, support, and money. I think she realizes it’s not going to be a slam-dunk this time.

But then I went to her new campaign website. It’s basically a rehash of the end-of-year newsletter / campaign puff piece she mailed a couple of weeks ago. Like the mailer, her website gives spin a bad name. (I’ll be addressing the issues raised by that campaign newsletter in a three-part Follies Truth Squad report beginning next Wednesday.)

The more desperate Silverstein becomes the more photos she publishes of herself doing the most routine aspects of her job, like posing for pictures with winning athletic teams, and the kind of hokey, staged photo-opps that embarrass everyone except politicians– posing with police roll calls, donning a hard hat and posing with construction workers. Her new campaign website is full of such malarkey.

There are solid candidates opposing her on the February ballot. They have ideas and plans for the neighborhood, and they are willing and able to discuss them with the community in open forums. Her opponents have been active in community organizations, and have pledged a new era of civic engagement in West Ridge.

Silverstein promises four more years like the last eight. She’s always absent when there’s hard work to do, and always sharp-elbowed when it’s time to claim credit. Her opponents have achievements to share, Silverstein has photos.

This should be an interesting campaign.