Why Can’t Silverstein Ever Tell the Plain Truth?

This Blog has catalogued the many, many lies and half-truths told by Debra Silverstein over the past nine years. She deliberately misinforms her constituents by omitting important information or by missating what she does say. Either way, she does a disservice to the people of West Ridge, who deserve, at the very least, an alderman who tells the truth, plainly and simply.

This morning’s bulletin on the storm damage is the latest case in point.

If you didn’t already know that the tornado that briefly touched land occurred in  Rogers Park, you might have thought it happened here in West Ridge. Elements of her report, such as the 3700 people without power, were lifted directly from news reports about the storm’s effects on Rogers Park.

Of course, she had to add that she’s driving up and down the streets looking for downed trees. This is about as vital to providing basic Ward services as is her habit of driving around looking for potholes. I know a man who used to work for Berney Stone. He describes Debra as basically a housewife, and her excessive focus on eliminating tree limbs and other such clean-up chores certainly bears that out. She has no interest in the real business of an alderman, such as economic development or empowering citizens to play a role in the ward.

She is so good  at lying that it’s hard to recognize  a straight truth  should it inadvertently escape her mouth . It’s participatory budgeting season, and as I read the appeals of other alderman to their constituents to volunteer ideas for the $1.3M in menu money that goes to every Ward, I recall her overly aggressive attempts to keep participatory budgeting out of the 50th. She even claimed during the aldermanic debates in 2019 that approximately 2,000 people routinely turn out for participatory budgeting in other wards; she has”concerns” that 2,000 citizens of West Ridgee may not be representative of the 50th. Instead, she prefers that her office staff assist her in making those choices. All seven of those people are presumed to be more knowledgeable about what Ward residents want than 2,000 of her constituents. 

In a recent newsletter, Silverstein admitted to two shootings in West Ridge, one of which she was careful to point out occurred in the 40th Ward. In truth, there have been other shootings and handguns  have been employed in several armed robberies well within the boundaries of the 50th Ward. She doesn’t talk about that, another error of omission. If she’s so worried about public safety, why doesn’t she warn her constituents about  armed robbers? While she’s at it, she might also note the number of street assaults/robberies, car thefts, and incidents of vandalism. She is silent on these matters.

I don’t know why she feels so compelled to distort the truth. The facts are always easy to check, and she always comes across as a liar.

It’s a damn shame to have an Alderman whose word cannot be trusted.

2 thoughts on “Why Can’t Silverstein Ever Tell the Plain Truth?

  1. In her defense, we are near Touhy and California; two neighbors saw a funnel cloud yesterday just before 4:00; lots of downed limbs and trees around us, and we lost a couple of shingles. She was completely worthless when I asked her to reach out to ComEd; their texting service was not working and they were not available by phone to get an ETA on the power coming back (it was 12:23 this morning).

    Let’s not forget about her omissions! She repeatedly refuses to acknowledge/promote the West Ridge Community Response Team, despite being invited to every meeting and receiving the minutes from every meeting. Hundreds of families have received assistance with groceries and rent, and not a word of support or encouragement from the ward office https://www.facebook.com/WestRidgeCRT/


  2. The tornado started in Lincolnwood and blew right through the 50th Ward on its way to the lake. I guess you don’t get around much because a brief trip to the Jarlath/Phillip Rogers Park area would have showed you just how bad our neighborhood was hit.

    I get around plenty, just not where you thought I should be. I was on the street at Devon and California at the time the tornado hit Lincolnwood. But it blew through West Ridge so quickly I didn’t see it, although I felt the wind blast. I usually don’t publish snarky comments like yours because this isn’t Facebook and I don’t like trolls, but made an exception in your case. Please don’t expect to see yourself here again.


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