Important Community Meeting

The 24th District CAPS Office is hosting an important community meeting on Wednesday, March 6, at 7 p. m. at Warren Park to get input from residents and business owners for the 24th District Strategic Policing Plan. This meeting is a direct result of the report of the Counity Policing Advisory Panel (CPAP) and the newly-signed police Consent Decree.

This meeting is open to residents and business owners within the 24th District, which includes the entire 49th Ward and most of the 50th Ward. A large turnout is expected; the meeting will be held in the Warren Park gymnasium.

Community policing works best if the community is actively involved. This is our opportunity to help the 24th District police develop policies, procedures, and strategies to keep our communities safe. 

Participants will offer their suggestions and discuss their ideas in small groups with members of the District Advisory Council (DAC) and the police department.

A follow-up meeting is currently scheduled for March 26 at Pottawattomie Park. At that meeting, the first draft of the 24th District plan will be shared and discussed, and additional suggestions will be requested.

The meetings were organized by 24th District Community Policing Sergeant Shawn Sisk and District Advisory Committee Chairperson Rich Concaildi. For more information, please contact Mr. Concaildi, 773.294.1777 or

The CPAP report can be accessed here:


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