Sun-Times Endorsement: What Sikh Temple?

The Chicago Sun-Times endorsed Debra Silverstein, citing the streetscape and her work on securing funding for the library as its first two reasons. Never mind the traffic jams and the air pollution. Never mind delaying the library’s opening date to benefit the alderman’s re-election campaign. From downtown, everything seems just fine.

But the Sun-Times goes completely off the rails when it cites the alderman’s work with the police after the attack at a Sikh temple in the 50th Ward. Come again?

There is no Sikh temple in the 50th Ward. There never has been a Sikh temple in the 50th Ward. No temple of any faith has been attacked in the 50th Ward. The alderman, who never misses an opportunity to tell residents how dangerous the neighborhood is and how tirelessly she works with the police to keep everyone safe, was referring to the attack on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. In August 2012. Nearly seven years ago. The Sun-Times didn’t bother to check the facts.

The fact is that Silverstein has cited this attack several times, including at both recent candidate forums. She’s also referred to the Pittsburgh synagogue attack. In the first forum, she did not specify where these attacks took place. After Follies called her out on this in its report on the first aldermanic forum, she was careful to name the locations when she again referenced the attacks at the second forum.

The Chicago Sun-Times should be ashamed of itself for not fact-checking the alderman’s statements. The residents of the 50th Ward deserve better from a paper that bills itself as “the hardest-working paper in America.”

And Silverstein should be ashamed of using this scare tactic to help win re-election.


2 thoughts on “Sun-Times Endorsement: What Sikh Temple?

    • …you can also write them and request a redaction…which I did. But it’s already out there. Trump does this really well. Put out lies and then if it gets caught then kind of apologize. If not it is personal victory.


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