Medical Marijuana Informational Meeting

A few years ago Ald. Silverstein blocked the owner of Green Gate Chicago, a medical marijuana  dispensary, from opening his business  in the 50th Ward. Despite widespread community support, and the promise of jobs for neighborhood residents, Silverstein, who initially could not explain her opposition to the project, finally alleged the business would be too close to where children play in Warren Park. In fact, at the Zoning Board hearing, a child testified that he was afraid that medical marijuana users would force him to become a dope addict. That carefully rehearsed testimony–and Silverstein’s opposition–ended the opportunity to bring Green Gate and its jobs to the 50th Ward, and to replace a taxi parking lot  with the beautifully landscaped and fully-secured dispensary.

Green Gate subsequently opened in Rogers Park over the objections of neighbors who worried it would increase crime in the area and lower property values.

Green Gate is now a thriving business  whose clients have not attempted to force dope on children. The facility and its environs are as free of crime as they were before the dispensary opened. The jobs and taxes that might have benefited the 50th Ward now benefit the 49th.

As you know,  the United States is experiencing  an opioid abuse crisis. Illinois law has recently been amended to permit the use of medical marijuana to treat conditions formerly treated by opioids.

On Saturday, Dec. 8,  Green Gate is sponsoring an informational meeting on the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program and the Opioid Alternative Cannabis Program.  The 90-minute session begins at 10:30 a.m. at Charmers Cafe, 1500 West Jarvis.

In his announcement of this important meeting, 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore notes that the use of medical marijuana requires a prescription from a physician and registration with the  Illinois Department of Public Health . Among the  debilitating conditions that qualify for the use of medical marijuana are cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy,  Crohn’s disease,  and multiple sclerosis. Qualifying patients can be registered for the medical marijuana programs at the meeting.

Green Gate is located at 7305 North Rogers.

1 thought on “Medical Marijuana Informational Meeting

  1. Thanks for the post. Yet another example of Silverstein’s shortsighted, myopic thinking and her lack of leadership. She clearly has demonstrated that she has no clue nor any plans for creating economic development in the ward. She needs to be replaced.


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