Jason Honig Ends Aldermanic Campaign

Jason Honig has ended his campaign to become alderman of the 50th Ward.

In a statement released to supporters, Honig stated that his decision was  “…due to health challenges and family issues that need our urgent and full attention.” Jason promises that once the situation is under control, he will “continue to implement and support many of the issues we care about.” That’s good. He is a young man who can make a difference in this Ward. We wish Jason and his family well.

There are still two main challengers to Ald. Silverstein, Andrew Rowlas and Ira Piltz. Silverstein is vulnerable on a host of issues, and she won’t be able to campaign by mail this time around.

6 thoughts on “Jason Honig Ends Aldermanic Campaign

  1. I’m sorry to learn Jason has dropped out of the aldermanic race. He was willing to take up some tough issues facing the 50th Ward and Chicago, including the suicidal $10 billion Pension Obligation Bond scheme that Emanuel is quietly but forcefully pushing and the absence of a grown-up plan for economic development in the 50th Ward.

    Jason will be missed.


    • Dan, you are so right about that bond scheme. It has to become an issue in the aldermanic campaign. The city is all but bankrupt now.

      I hope that Jason will continue to speak out on economic development issues as well as other matters affecting life in the 50th.


    • Ahmed says he was never officially in, although I’ve been told otherwise. He always plays the “will he or won’t he” game whenever positions like alderman or committeeman become available. With Jason out of the race, Ahmad may make his entry “official.” Then again, maybe not.

      I see that a new committee has been formed to draft Chuy Garcia to run again for mayor. Ahmed was a field organizer for Chuy before, so he may choose to get on board again, and hope for a City position afterwards should Chuy win.


  2. Thank you for your kind words. And appreciate the energy and passion for the community by our neighbors. In the coming months, we hope to educate, equip, and empower our community. We need a comprehensive holistic economic development plan that has potential for long term sustainability, celebrates our diversity and innovation, and pairs business with arts/culture. Civic decision making and accessibility to services for every corner of the ward. And a quality of life plan that brings all major stakeholders to the table that supports our community addressing education, economic development, infrastructure, arts/culture, public safety/wellness. We can’t just have special interest groups and default decision makers control our community.

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    • Jason, I agree with your comment. Your thoughtful responses to community problems and your proposed solutions deserve appreciation. It’s my hope that your voice will continue to be heard. Best wishes to you and your family.

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