Dinner Crawl / Movie Night Cancelled

The West Ridge Chamber of Commerce has announced that onight’s restaurant crawl and movie night have been cancelled. The Chamber’s communication reads:

“Due to heavy rain in the forecast this afternoon and a low amount of registrants for the dinner tour, we will be cancelling this evening’s Dinner Crawl & Movie Night. There is no rain date.”

My thanks to The Man Upstairs, who listens when earthly powers won’t.



It’s Not “Just a Parking Lot” Anymore

Most of us treasure these last days of summer, as the days get shorter and the breezes warmer and the backyard tomatoes are ripe for picking. There’s nothing like sitting on the porch or in the yard or even in one’s own kitchen, enjoying the evening breezes, Sinatra singing, and a fresh tomato tart.

That is, unless you live around the Republic Bank parking lot, which this week will be the site of both a Wednesday movie night and a Saturday evening India Day program that includes a concert. The Minutes of the SSA meeting reveal that initial plans for tonight called for a restaurant crawl, movie night, and ribbon cutting starring the Mayor. He may show up. He’s running for reelection and what better way to show the Indian community he loves them? It will boost Silverstein’s reelection campaign as well–another photo for the weekly family album, er, constituent newsletter.

June 18 minutes

The India Day event, including the parade and the party-in-a-parking lot , is expected to cost $100,000, most of it privately funded. The original proposal included a talent show, a fashion show, and a concert. I wonder how much of that is being spent for the privilege of eating cake alongside an alley. You’d think the organizers would want to do better by their guests.

May 30 minutes.                                                          April 16 Minutes

The SSA is also planning a back to school event for next August in the same parking lot. How this will drive business to Devon is a mystery. No stores on the street sell school supplies or children’s shoes or clothing. The Indian businesses long ago made it clear they don’t want local residents in their stores, and I doubt if many tourists shop here for pencils and paper.

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Jason Honig Running for Alderman

Jason Honig has announced his candidacy for 50th Ward alderman. Honig is a former teacher, counselor, and school principal who was once executive director of the Lawndale Learning Center. He currently works for an investment firm that specializes in ethical investment and money management.


Jason’s campaign slogan is “Alderman for the Common Good.” No discussion of the 50th Ward is complete without praise for diversity, no matter how ill-defined or undefined it may be. But Jason pledges to work across ethnic and religious divides to form a community of neighbors working together for the benefit of all residents. This is a concept that eludes the current alderman.

Like Andrew Rowlas, who already announced his candidacy, Jason believes that the alderman should be transparent about community business and active in the community. He supports participatory budgeting, a zoning committee to advise the alderman on zoning and land use, and empowering citizens to work with him on economic and residential development.


Honig would initiate ward days and celebrations of our diverse cultures. Personally, I’d like to see an end to ethnic-specific parades and celebrations. I think the best way to celebrate our community would be to hold an annual Fourth of July parade, celebrating the contributions made by each ethnic group to the American mosaic. I think we should celebrate the one thing that unites us– the fact that we are Americans or want to be.


Jason would provide translators at public meetings. The fact that he’s willing to meet with his constituents is a novelty in the 50th Ward. We’ve spent eight years with an  alderman who avoids her constituents and refuses to discuss public business lest we offer our own opinions, which she’s made clear she doesn’t want to hear. Whether it’s Rowlas or Honig who replaces her, it will be wonderful to have an alderman who  actually informs the community about public business and tells us how he voted on the issues of the day.


Jason would also promote “equity and diversity” in the ward office. He and Rowlas are in agreement on this issue as well. It never ceases to amaze me that the current alderman’s office is open only four and a half days per week. It closes promptly at 2 p.m. every Friday in observance of the Sabbath. But candle-lighting time, especially during the summer, is often not until 8 p.m. or later. Even if the alderman has to leave, isn’t there a Christian or Muslim or Hindu or atheist staff member who could keep the office open on Friday afternoon? Isn’t that one way for the alderman to practice the diversity she preaches? Would some creative juggling of staff schedules also permit the office to open at least a half-day on Saturday?


Honig supports term limits for the Mayor and the City Council and full funding for education. You can read his full platform on his Web site.


Nominating petitions for all the candidates will begin circulating on August 28. We won’t know who the final candidates are until December. The current alderman will try to eliminate as many of her potential opponents  as possible through petition challenges. If you really want to participate in the pre-election process, you might consider volunteering to review nominating petitions for irregularities. Maybe you’d like to host a meet-and-greet visit by one of the candidates in your home or at a public venue. There are lots of things you can do to support your candidate.

Contact the current challengers:






Community Alert — Armed Robberies

Chicago Police have issued a community alert about three armed robberies committed in our area during the first week of August. The police have released the following information:


About the crime:

In these incidents, unknown offender(s) have approached the victims, produced handguns, and robbed the victims of their
Incident Times and Locations:
6100 block of N. Winchester Avenue, August 1, 2018, at 11:30 p.m.
2200 block of West Granville Avenue, August 3, 2018, at 9:20 p.m.
6000 block of N. Talman Avenue,
August 4, 2018, at 7:30 p.m.
About the Offenders:
 The offenders are described as unknown male blacks between the ages of 16 – 25, wearing t-shirts or tank tops. In one incident the co-offender was described as an unknown male white with blond hair.
What you should do:
Always be aware of your surroundings
Pay special attention to any suspicious people or vehicles loitering in the area
If you are confronted by assailants, remain calm
Remember any unique physical characteristics (ie., scars, limp, acne, tattoos)
Never pursue a fleeing assailant
Call 911 immediately and provide a detailed description of the offender(s)
including any vehicle description and license plate information
If you have any information on the above incidents, please call the Detective Bureau at 312/744-8263. Case numbers are:
JB-375209; JB-378102; and JB-379460. The reference number is P18-N-204.
Thanks to Mark Lebowitz and the 24th District CAPS office for releasing this information to the community.

Addendum to “The Alderman’s Secret Housing Meeting”

Sources tell me that parking was the only issue raised at last night’s meeting on the new housing development at Western and Morse Avenues. About a dozen people attended and were satisfied that the 26 parking spaces proposed would suffice.

Each townhouse is expected to sell for about $450,000, while each condo will cost about $340,000. These price points raise some interesting questions about property taxes and gentrification, but those issues were not part of the discussion.

Are residential buildings rather than commercial buildings the best choice for this stretch of Western Avenue? Should that be decided  only by a dozen residents, the developers, and the alderman?  What are the risks that existing residents will be forced out of the neighborhood because of higher property taxes? Can we talk about the fact that this development permanently alters  the character  of that part of our neighborhood? Should the larger community have any input? What exactly is the alderman’s vision for the community and how does this new development fit into it? Or is that a secret too?

So many questions. So few answers. Will the alderman meet with the entire community to discuss them?

Stay tuned.



The Alderman’s Secret Housing Meeting

This evening, in what should have been an open, public community meeting, the alderman discussed with a few select residents a developer’s proposal to build 16 housing units across the street from the new library. The development consists of two buildings, each containing five townhouses, and one six-unit condo building. The only residents invited to attend are those who live in the immediate vicinity of the proposed development.

The buildings would replace the vacant lots on Morse and Western Avenues. The exact addresses are 6911 and 6915 North Western and 2339 West Morse. A special-use permit is required for the development. Continue reading