A Tough Year So Far

Yes, I’m still here.

It’s been a tough year so far, beginning with the death of Mr. Cat, my feline companion for more than 18 years. He was wonderfully intelligent, fearless, and the real boss of our household, lording it over a succession of dogs and humans. Tough but benevolent, Mr. Cat ruled his kingdom via a combination of charming sweetness and a ruthless indifference to anyone else’s needs. He was one of a kind, and the dogs and I miss him every day.

Then I had eye surgery, and serious complications from which I am still recovering.

And then came the March election,, with yet another carpetbagger from the Indo-American Democratic Organization moving into the state senatorial district barely a year before the election, and running a divisive campaign centered around slinging mud at an already-disgraced incumbent. He was aided in this by various special interests, and will no doubt be a reliable vote for those interests in Springfield. His campaign suggests that he will lower the ethical level in Springfield yet another notch.

You can bet he’ll have his own candidate for alderman, and probably, when the time comes, for committeeman as well.  Deals are being discussed as you read this, and deals cost money, and money is being raised, lots of it. Google Illinois Sunshine database and check out who’s giving–and who gave and expects to be rewarded.

The aldermanic race begins later this year, officially. In actuality, serious candidates have been talking to potential donors since last year. Who will run? Debra has been raising money, and Ira’s loss of both his leadership position and his senate seat suggests that she’ll want to keep her job, which pays $120,000 per year. Nobody has openly declared but I hear there are at least three potential candidates exploring the possibility of running.

It’s going to be an interesting summer, and I’m feeling better already.

I just love a good fight.



7 thoughts on “A Tough Year So Far

  1. So sorry. I know what it’s like to lose a pet. Hate it when people shrug and tell you to ‘just buy another one’, like it’s a toy that’s been broken.

    When people grieve deeply for their lost pet, it means they value their pet, that it was a part of the family.

    Glad you’re feeling better. Can’t grieve forever. Life goes on. My way of dealing with it was to stop thinking about it so I could function. I was seeing everything through a gray haze.

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    • So true. They’re part of the family. I miss the times he’d show affection by purring and gently putting his paw on my nose, something he did even with the dogs!


  2. So sorry you are struggling! And relieved to know that there are others displeased with the democratic candidate for state senate. I’m dreading the aldermanic election….


    • Glad you’re feeling better. Sorry for the loss of your cat. Our son Hunter grieves our dog, Bailey every day since we have him a new home.

      Who are the challengers for alderman? I haven’t seen or heard anything.


      • I think the loss of a pet is even harder for children. I understand how Hunter feels.

        Nobody has yet declared for alderman but I think that we can expect more than one candidate. I’m sure Debra will run again, and I think that Villivalam will field his own candidate. Shajan’s committee is still listed as active. I hear that Ahmed Khan may run again; he was active in Villivalam’s campaign and therefore may be able to count on his support. There are several months to go before nominating petitions are due, but it’s past time to be raising money. Last time I checked, Debra had a healthy advantage, with roughly $100,000 already in the bank. While matching her would be an uphill battle, I think it’s possible to challenge and win with less money. It’s how well a campaign is organized that will make a difference. That and creative solutions to funding. In the 49th, for example, one challenger’s supporters make monthly contributions rather than a large, unaffordable amount all at once. This meets basic expenses while the candidate reaches out to the larger donors who can fund mailings and polling.


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