Wednesday’s City Council to Vote on Taxpayer Giveaway–How You Can Help Stop It

This Wednesday, November 16, the Chicago City Council will vote on yet another of Mayor Emmanuel’s taxpayer-funded programs designed to benefit financiers and wealthy neighborhoods at the expense of hardworking taxpayers and poorer areas desperate for investment.

The Chicago Community Catalyst Fund is billed as a vehicle for reinvigorating Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods and helping small businesses. A closer look reveals that the first funding example mentioned is for Lakeview. The Fund’s board would be controlled by the Mayor, and there’s virtually no oversight when it comes to the fees that financiers may charge, or which consulting entities can be hired. The only sure thing is that those without political ties need not apply.

Call your alderman and urge him or her to vote against this sham.

Deborah Silverstein        50th        773-262-1050
Joe Moore                      49th        773-338-5796
Harry Osterman              48th        773-784-5277
Amaya Pawar                 47th        773-868-4747
James Cappleman         46th        773-868-4646
Many thanks to the West Rogers Park Community Organization (WRPCO) for tracking this legislation and providing both the above information and the article (from In These Times, the online magazine) by Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa of the Council’s Progressive Reform Caucus.

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