URGENT! Call for an Elected School Board for Chicago

The West Rogers Park Community Organization (WRPCO) is asking West Ridge residents for help in making an elected school board for Chicago a reality. It has sent an urgent message asking that residents call State Senator Ira Silverstein and urge him to vote for the bill.  WRPCO’s message says it all:
“Chicago has the dubious distinction of being the only school district out of more than 800 in Illinois whose school board ts not elected!  A bill to change that, HB557, will probably be voted on in Springfield on Wednesday, November 16, 2016.  Our (8th District) State Senator, Ira Silverstein, is the second most powerful senator in the General Assembly.  Please spread the word that people should call his office,
773-743-5015 (Chicago) or 217-782-5500 (Springfield) .
Go to  Illinois General Assembly – Senate Members  to find your state senator if you are not in Ira Silverstein’s District 8.  Urge your district’s state senator to push for its passage. “
This bill passed in the Illinois House last Spring by an overwhelming margin. Mayor Emmanuel, who controls the school board, is opposed to it, which is why it hasn’t been called for a vote all these months.
But please call–the more we can do to wrest control of the Chicago schools from the politicians, the better it will be for the city’s students.

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