CAPS News, Part 2

First, two corrections to yesterday’s post:

  1. Regarding issuing tickets for parking in bus stops along Devon, the suggestion was made that the alderman contact the Department of Revenue, not Finance.
  2. I finally uploaded the “No Trespassing” sign that CAPS is making available to residents. Sometimes you just have to get out of your own way.


The CAPS office provided two sheets of tips to prevent various kinds of theft. These are definitely keepers. The first sheet covers general anti-theft tips and ways to prevent thefts from vehicles; the second offers ideas on how to prevent burglaries as well as auto and bicycle theft.


Sgt. Sisk also updated the group about the October 8 shooting on the 2100 block of Devon. Both the shooter and his intended target are in custody; two guns were recovered by the police. The woman who was injured in the shooting is recovering.

The next meeting for Beat 2412 is January 3, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. Location TBD.

Any questions or concerns for the CAPS officers can be communicated to them at the 24th District Community Office (312-744-6321), or Twitter @ChicagoCAPS24


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