There was exciting news at last night’s meeting for CAPS Beat 2412.  Sgt. Sisk announced that the 24th District now has a CAPS Response Team that will “ensure attention to calls that are coming in.” He noted that police are often responding to multiple calls from many locations, so the Response Team was formed to respond more quickly, efficiently, and effectively to calls from residents.

The CAPS office is also making available a free, weatherized “No Trespassing” sign to all residents who request it. Sisk noted that under current law, an intruder on private property cannot be arrested unless a “No Trespassing” sign is posted on the property.  The sign is in red, white and blue, carries the logos of both CPD and CAPS, and carries the line “24th District Police – Call 911.” Unfortunately, for reasons known only to Adobe and Word Press, I was unable to upload the PDF supplied by Office Moore of the CAPS office. I’ll try again later.

A small number of signs is currently available, but more are on order. In the meantime, if you’d like a sign, email the CAPS office:

Items discussed at the meeting included trailer trucks parking in alleys (they will be ticketed), the number of tickets a vehicle needs to have outstanding before it’s booted (two), and vehicles parking at bus stops on Devon (Sisk asked the alderman, who was present, about contacting the City’s Department of Finance to hand out tickets).

Also discussed was the 7-day rule for vehicles parked on the streets (more on this in another post), and the need for crossing guards at neighborhood schools.

It was a great meeting.


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