Is It Time to Revive the Taste of the 50th?

I got to thinking about a reader comment on my August 12 post about FunFest volunteers.  Robin wrote to ask why the event organizers didn’t use Warren Park, and referenced the Taste of the 50th. Long-time residents and regulars at former area businesses will remember the Taste, an event organized by Ald. Bernie Stone. Modeled after Taste of Chicago, Taste of the 50th featured food from local restaurants and was held at Warren Park. It attracted both neighborhood residents and visitors from across the City and the suburbs.

Maybe neighborhood groups and local residents could invite the alderman to a meeting to discuss reviving the Taste of the 50th in time for Labor Day 2017.  I think the idea just might generate some excitement and enthusiasm. Successful community events have to be developed and organized with input from as many sources as possible, and would profit from new ideas generated by individuals, block clubs, social media groups, community organizations, LSCs, parish councils, religious or ethnic associations, book clubs, etc. It’s a real opportunity for community-building and getting to know one’s neighbors.

It’s been so long since the last Taste of the 50th that the entire event could be reinvented. Should it run for one day or a full weekend?  Could or should it be combined with a mini–carnival? Or a farmers’ market? Or would it be better as a food event only? Where should it be held? We have several large parks in the Ward–would multiple venues be a good idea? What about activities for kids? I’ve noticed that in many other neighborhoods events are family-oriented during the day and afternoon hours, with nighttime hours reserved more for adults. Would this be a good idea for the 50th?

Let’s work together to plan a Taste of the 50th for 2017!


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