Let’s Sing Together

With apologies to Peter, Paul, and Mary…

Where have all the kiosks gone
Talman to Maplewood,
Where have all the kosks gone
long time, no see,
Why should shoppers park for free
when patrons pay at the library
It’s clout, as everyone knows,
and not construction woes

Where has all the signage gone
at our alleys
Where has all the signage gone
north of Devon,
Cars zoom through the livelong day
the alley is the new freeway
California to Rockwell street
a four-block speedway exists

Why is it so noisy here
noise that never ends
Blasting from some homes and cars
businesses, too,
Why not turn the volume down
you’re not the only one around
Buy headphones and blast yourself nuts
just leave the rest of us out

Where have plain good manners gone
in our neighborhood
Why is garbage on the ground
every place you look,
Dirty people just don’t care
they dump their garbage everywhere
On parkways, sidewalks, and lawns,
they make a mess, and they’re gone


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