West Ridge “Shootings”

A young man was murdered in the 3000 block of Devon Avenue this past Wednesday night, June 1. The day before, another young man was murdered in the 6400 block of Rockwell Avenue.

The alderman responded to these murders by reassuring readers of her newsletter that our safety is her primary concern. Referring to them as “…some isolated shootings…,” she didn’t even acknowledge the true nature of the crimes.

To make matters worse, these two murders were not the top story in her newsletter. No, first she had to tout “…my annual City Sticker day…” and then advised her constituents to keep their lawns mowed and try composting. Then she got around to the unfortunate “shootings.”

One poster to EveryblockChicago noted that the worsening economic conditions in the 50th Ward and the alderman’s lack of involvement contribute to the recent increase in crime.

I think she’s right.

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