Who Left This Mess?

This morning while walking the dog we found this mess at the trashcan on Devon and Washtenaw.Devon & Washtenaw, May 26. Looks like somebody cleaned out a car after the trash pick-up. It looks as if someone dumped this from a car, missed the can, and just drove away.

The can was empty, so the City crews had already removed the trash from inside the can. I’ve never seen a City crew fail to pick up a mess like this, so whoever dumped this did it after the City’s pick-up.

I went home for a plastic glove and my camera, and found that under the broken bags there was lots of open food, including soggy bread and fast-food fries. That we have such pigs either living her or driving through makes me furious.

No wonder we have rats.


2 thoughts on “Who Left This Mess?

    • Thanks much. I hope to see you at the June 7 meeting on participatory budgeting. We need the input of citizens who care!


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