Will Silverstein Support Downtown MMDs?

Next month the City Council will vote on a proposal to change zoning so that medical marijuana dispensaries could operate in Chicago’s Loop. Right now, all proposed sites are too near day care centers or schools so the zoning change is required. The proposal is backed by Finance Committee Chairman Ald. Ed Burke.

Silverstein blocked the zoning change required for the proposed dispensary in the 50th Ward, claiming that rules applying to the proximity of dispensaries and schools should also apply to dispensaries and parks. Officially she was neutral, which is the kiss of death for anything she opposes.

It will be interesting to see how Silverstein votes.  A “no” vote is likely because a “yes” vote would mean she’s a hypocrite.  Besides, voting against would carry no political consequences since there’s reportedly enough support to pass the ordinance without her involvement.  It’s just like her vote against the Mayor’s budget.

The Loop will get the benefit of jobs and taxes from such sites, and the 50th Ward will continue to observe rather than participate in opportunities for economic improvement.


2 thoughts on “Will Silverstein Support Downtown MMDs?

  1. Most of the time I see this blog as nothing more than a Silverstein bashing vehicle, but I agree with you 100% on the dispensary issue. Western Avenue is such an unattractive mess through our ward. I live 2 blocks from the proposed location that was voted down, and would have welcomed the improvement and jobs this would have brought.


  2. Perhaps in the months since she torpedoed the MMF on Western, Ald. Silverstein has come to recognize the humanitarian and financial benefits of medical marijuana and the shallowness of her earlier objections. I hope so.


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