2827-39 West Touhy Properties

Did I say this site remained unchanged? Oops! The stores from 2827-2835 are still vacant, but they’re not exactly storefronts any more.

2827-35 West Touhy, April 21, 2016

2827-35 West Touhy, April 21, 2016

The properties are now fronted by a rented fence. The window glass and glass doors have disappeared. Signs have been posted forbidding hunting, fishing, and trespass. (Insert your own punchline here.)

No demolition permits are posted, nor are any remodeling permits.

2837-39 West Touhy

2837-39 West Touhy


The storefronts at 2837-39 are as deplorable as ever—and still vacant—but apparently not eyesores any more.

I also noticed that three storefronts between 2803 and 2825 West Touhy appear to be used as churches, according to their signage. It’s hard to tell exactly, since Touhy, like the rest of the ward, is rife with signs for businesses that have long since disappeared.

The decline of Touhy Avenue is painful to see. It’s hard to attract businesses to an area that has been allowed to deteriorate so badly.

But the alderman should at least try..

2 thoughts on “2827-39 West Touhy Properties

    • It’s not clear if this is a tear-down or a remodeling. Baiting would be a great idea in either case. Yesterday the area north of Devon between Washtenaw and Fairfield was baited because of the streetscape construction. Baiting may have included a wider area but this is where I saw the City workers, who were very friendly and efficient, talking to neighbors about any rats we’ve seen, where we thought the rat holes are, and offering to bait with the property owner’s permission.


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