ICPR Forum on the Illinois Budget Impasse

On Monday I attended  “Illinois Budget; Defining and Funding the Essential Priorities,” a forum co-sponsored by the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform (ICPR) and Truth in Accounting, advocates for clear reporting of governmental financial information.

The panel of six Illinois State Representatives (3 Democrats, 3 Republicans) and two Illinois State Senators (one from each party) discussed the budget battle and various approaches that might prove useful in getting both sides to the table. State Senator Matt Murphy, Minority Spokesman for the Appropriations Committee, urged citizens to contact their local representatives and senators, saying the best strategy for citizens is to pressure their reps to get their leaders to start talking to one another.

The forum can be viewed here.

2 thoughts on “ICPR Forum on the Illinois Budget Impasse

  1. I’ve tried writing many times over the months of budget stalemate, but the silent responses from Sen. Silverstein and Rep. Lang were deafening. Both of those politicians hold nominal leadership titles in the Democratic Party in the their respective chambers, and neither has shown any independence from the agenda Speaker Madigan has imposed on Illinois since 1983 (except for two years that were so insignificant that Madigan tried to persuade Lee Daniels not to move into Madigan’s office in Springfield because Madigan would be back after the next election).

    I’ll give it another try, though.


    • I know just how you feel. Unwanted input from constituents seems to go into a black hole at every level of government. It’s resulted in the kind of voter anger that non-establishment candidates are tapping into. What came across at the forum is that frustrated lawmakers are trying to work around their leaders, toward compromise and yet struggling not to lose sight of the larger goals. Rep. Davis said more than once that it’s hard to balance one district’s needs against those of other districtss when the state simply has no money for anybody. They all want to stop playing kick the can down the road and deal with the structural problems now.

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