The Illinois Voter Project

Last week the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform (ICPR) unveiled its newest information weapon: The Illinois Voter Project.

Using information that has never before been available to the general public, ICPR has put together a report and free downloadable maps that detail the behavior of voters in Illinois since 2008. The information is available at

Among the interesting findings is that in that time period only about 22% of registered voters in Illinois bothered to vote in primary elections.

The Project breaks down the data by age, gender, location, and other specific details, and also provides county-by-county information about unregistered voters.

Sebastian Ellison, Director of BallotReady, presented information on this organization’s free online voter guide to the upcoming primary.  Just type in your address to access information on all candidates whose names will appear on the ballot in your area.

I attended the ICPR / BallotReady presentations and have since reviewed the report and its maps as well as used the BallotReady service. I hope you’ll do the same. Both are invaluable to citizens serious about reforming our political system.

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