Dizzy from the Spin

One could get dizzy from the spin the alderman put on the City Council’s vote authorizing the City’s Legislative Inspector General to investigate aldermen and their staffs.

Wearing her good-government face, she proclaims it “good news” and an “historic moment.”  Then, wearing her reformer’s mask, she intones  that it “…does not go far enough.” Really? Wasn’t that the point?  I don’t recall hearing the alderman speaking out against it, or speaking passionately in favor of the original ordinance. Did you?

I don’t recall her ever supporting the work of the previous Council watchdog, Faisal Khan, or voting in favor of renewing his contract. Maybe I missed something.

The kicker is the straight face she wears while claiming that she is “…always in favor of transparency and accountability….”  Debra Silverstein??? 

Transparency, accountability, Silverstein. I’d never put those words together and expect to be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, she does. Worse, she expects us to believe them.




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