Message from FAIR

The message below was received from FAIR. (Fair Allocation in Runways). It outlines an action plan designed to give citizens a voice in the mayor’s plan for a sixth runway at O’Hare.
As many of you have learned this weekend,  Mayor Emanuel has reached a deal to build the 6th runway at O’Hare. Instead of addressing the current noise and pollution crisis, a deal was made that would result in more devastating effects, worsening the situation by bringing more noise and pollution to those areas already hit hard.  This crisis and our voices are being ignored by the Mayor who expects us to just live with this as the new normal.What can we do?
Is this new runway a done deal?
The answer is no.   IT IS NOT!

There is still a big chunk of federal money that needs to be added to the pot in order for this to go through. That is where our Congressional Representatives come in.
Call and email your Representative TODAY!  Let them know that the OMP, which has devastated the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of people living under the flight paths, will only sacrifice more neighborhoods and the health and well-being of more citizens with this new runway. Tell them that if they truly stand with FAiR – the ACTUAL voice of the people – then they must boldly oppose this new runway and block the funding.  Their offices need to be flooded with phone calls and emails. 
This action needs to happen NOW…this week…today. We await a public statement from these elected officials who are accountable to us, the constituents.
Cong. Mike Quigley  (202) 225-4061 or (773) 267-5926
Cong. Jan Schakowsky – 202-225-2111 or (847) 328-3409
Cong. Tammy Duckworth –  202-225-3711 or (847) 413-1959
Attached is today’s press release with FAiR’s response to the announcement of the proposed deal for the 6th runway.
Thank you for your immediate action!
FAiR Leadership Team

2 thoughts on “Message from FAIR

  1. When O’Hare was built, there was virtually nothing out that way but orchards.

    Sorry, but I don’t have much sympathy for folks who move near airports (or ballparks, or concert venues, or any other place where large crowds, traffic and noise happen) and then complain about large crowds, traffic, and noise.


    • The residents represented by the FAIR coalition didn’t move near the airport, the airport came to us. These areas were not subjected to overwhelming airplane noise until the mayor and the airlines began redesigning runways and expanding O’Hare without citizen input or reliable and accurate studies of the impact on city residents. Even after admitting t6hat their “studies” were badly flawed, the powers that be ignored residents and continued demolition of the diagonals and building of new runways. There is talk of “soundproofing” some homes at City expense, but how can yards be soundproofed? It’s not a question of empathy, but of justice.


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