Our First Anniversary

50th Ward Follies celebrates its first anniversary today. It’s been quite a year, and I’ll be discussing that some other time.

Started as a commentary on the 2015 aldermanic election, 50th Ward Follies was redesigned after the election, the intent being to focus less on politics and instead to include more of the good things about the 50th Ward.

It hasn’t quite worked out.  When one family wields absolute political control over a ward of approximately 55,000 people, everything that does or doesn’t happen is political. But that discussion, too, is for another time.

Today I’m celebrating—my readers, their comments and critiques, and the fact that so many people check 50th Ward Follies regularly.

Statistics show that our first year attracted a few thousand visitors and logged more than 15,000 views. Our highest ratings occurred on the day before the aldermanic election.

Shortly afterwards I received one of those anonymous private e-mails from someone on social media telling me that my coverage of the aldermanic campaigns was “…mean, nasty, biased, unfair, and [used] facts as entertainment….  I bet [you’re] like that in person.”

Guilty as charged, except that I don’t cuss in print although I’ve been known to do so in person. People like me or they don’t, they agree with me or they don’t. Either way, I’ve learned to live with it.

On to 2016!

50th Ward Follies wishes you and yours
a healthy, prosperous, safe, and happy new year!


3 thoughts on “Our First Anniversary

  1. As a longtime veteran of the 50th ward (including pre-Bernie Stone), I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your commentaries. In my opinion, you are right on the mark. Sometimes I feel like I am living in a foreign land when I see the goings-on (or NOT goings-on) around here. You make me feel that I am not the only one out here in 50th Land who is terribly unhappy with the changes, ie., no changes, of the “new” leadership. Your writing is pithy and wildly entertaining. Good going! The photos are priceless. Please continue on to anniversary 2. Congratulations!!!


    • Thank you! There are a lot more of us working for change than you might think, given the general apathy the Silversteins’ rule has created. Hang in there!


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