Fill Those Storefronts!

Last June the City filed a lawsuit against the owner of the building at 2900-2910 West Devon alleging disrepair and building code violations. The building, formerly home to Rosenblum’s World of Judaica, was and is home to several vacant storefronts. The alderman, describing the building as an “eyesore,” announced that she wanted the building brought up to code and the storefronts rented.

DSC_05751083Well, it appears that two new businesses will be moving in. They may not be exactly what the alderman had in mind. The corner storefront will become yet another dollar store, one of at least half a dozen such stores on Devon.

The storefront next to it is loaded with washing machines and dryers, so it appears this may become a Laundromat. Nothing official yet, no signs, just equipment.

These businesses will at least fill the storefronts. The next block to the east has seen two stores close recently. One had its business license revoked by the State of Illinois Department of Revenue. The other went out of business.

Where’s that ‘spirited economic plan” the alderman promised in 2011?

4 thoughts on “Fill Those Storefronts!

    • This is what happens when the alderman is not interested in working with the community to develop a comprehensive economic development plan. The opening of same-old stores has to stop. A small discount/general merchandise store has also closed east of Rockwell, and a sari shop is going out of business. There are opportunities to diversity the commercial mix, but in the absence of a plan it won’t happen.


  1. Ahhh Debbie, she really is the gift that keeps on givin’. I’m sure the landlord threw anyone in there just to get her off his case. Shall we start the countdown until this (these) businesses shutter like the rest? It sure says a lot about the money she pissed away on the streetscape, considering this is all that was attracted to open shop here. Speaking of pissing taxpayer money away with little to no reward: her salary. It’s a constant reminder of how little one needs to actually do to earn so much when you’re an alderman. Write (or have an aide write) a couple of newsletters a week, fake paying attention at city hall meetings, skip a few debates on your way to re-election, attend a few ribbon cuttings/ ceremonies here and there and still manage to do something negative to your ward…rinse, repeat and hope no one notices. A little while back I posted the following comment to her facebook page – a little food for thought. Well, a short time later that comment mysteriously vanished. Odd.
    Walt Matthews With all due respect Alderwoman, these continuing cases of you dragging building owners into court is beginning to stink of bully tactics. I can’t imagine this is doing anything to attract new viable businesses to the ward, I’d even go so far as to say it’s most likely doing more harm than good and could even be perceived as fomenting an anti-business culture within the ward. I saw it this past April with your opposition to the planned medical marijuana dispensary on Western, and saw it last year with the public court case you made over the building on Touhy. Remember the building on Touhy? The building you boasted about in your newsletter? In an interview you stated that the new owner(s) was going to redevelop it, however that building is still vacant. Worse yet, according to city records the individual that is now listed as the new owner hasn’t paid the property taxes that are due on it. Are you aware of this? How is it going to be developed when the taxes aren’t even being paid? City records also list this individual as an owner of a few other properties in West Ridge, and guess what? Those tax payments are also delinquent for at least two years. As a taxpayer this doesn’t make me happy and should make you furious! Maybe you should personally invite this tax cheat to one of those property tax seminars that your husband and you hold. At least the owner at 2906 W Devon is up to date on the taxes. Besides, there are buildings in the ward that are MUCH more dilapidated than this particular one. In fact, just like the Touhy building, I don’t see anything wrong with the building at 2906 W Devon other than vacancies, that couldn’t have been accomplished with a simple admin hearing. But court? Really? Now if you really wanted to fight neighborhood blight take a look at the old Sheldon Cord Products and Dove Cleaners spots, now those are clearly eyesores of a whole other magnitude! Why is there no action on your part pertaining to those properties? Don’t you see them? The signs plastered all over the old Sheldon Cord building look horrendous and should be removed at the very least, unless that giant sale is still going. If your goal is to really find dilapidated buildings I would suggest you take a stroll during your lunch break over to the two aforementioned buildings, they should be easy to spot. And if you still can’t identify them, then I begin to question your real motive behind these kangaroo court cases. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars on these frivolous court proceedings. Work more on attracting businesses that local residents can patronize TO the ward and a little less on dragging owners to court before there’s no one left worth dragging to court.
    Like · Reply · August 31 at 2:35pm
    At least West Ridge made the news recently with the most rat complaints of any area in the city. NUMERO UNO in something! It’s all about perspective. 😉


    • I’m not surprised that your Facebook comment disappeared. Officially, all is sunshine and flowers in DebLand. Thanks for tracking the property taxes on the Touhy building and the other properties. This is good information – I wonder if the owner has made any political contributions to Deb, Ira, or the Mayor’s PAC. Interestingly, the Sheldon Cord property has been cleaned up a bit and the parking lot is in use again. I see that the 2012 proposed assessment for that building was $316,201, and the final was only $125,112. I wonder how they’ll do this year. You know, Dove Cleaners is a 5-minute walk from the alderman’s office, and she should keep walking another five minutes until she gets to the massage parlor that the City closed a few years ago. Talk about eyesores — a massage parlor as part of a strip mall on the way out of Chicago. Just the image West Ridge wants to leave as people drive to the suburbs. As far as the rats, we’re #1, and the street scape is a big reason, as is the filthiness of Devon. Check out my page on Devon Garbage Pits. I post there about once a week, and unfortunately there’s always lots of garbage to photograph. Thanks for writing. Good to hear from you.


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