Marijuana in Warren Park

As you know, the alderman successfully blocked the opening of a medical marijuana dispensary that would have invested nearly $500,000 in real estate improvements and brought jobs to the community. She was aided by a group of children whose spokesman invoked the specter of  medical marijuana patients ambushing him in Warren Park and forcing him to smoke their prescriptions.

This week’s News-Star reports that at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 23–a day and time when many children could be expected to be playing in the park–police arrested three adults (two aged 20 and one age 27) and two 16-year-olds in Warren Park for smoking pot. All five were “gathered around a park bench smoking from a pipe.” The paper reports that one man tried to toss “the pipe and a bag of drugs in the bushes,” and that “one of the men was carrying 12 bags of pot packaged for sale, while each of the men had either an individual bag of pot, a glass or metal pipe, or both in their pockets.”  At the time, police were responding to reports that a man with a handgun was in the park.

We all know that drugs are bought, sold, and used in Warren Park.

But at least the park is safe from medical marijuana patients.

3 thoughts on “Marijuana in Warren Park

  1. Ald. Silverstein’s opposition to the MM facility as proposed was an error in judgment, in how medical marijuana is prescribed, and in the nature of economic development.


    • Dan, I agree. I think the ward is suffering from her lack of interest in its economic development. She needs to create the comprehensive economic plan she talked about during her first run in 2011. Halfway through her fifth year in office she still hasn’t done that, and it should have been a priority.


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