Devon Garbage Pits

The garbage pits on and around Devon are such an ongoing problem that they’ve earned their own page. I will be posting photos regularly.

Both residents and business owners need to learn about proper trash disposal. They don’t understand basic things: household trash goes in the dumpster where you live, not in street corner trash cans and not under trees. Businesses earn a tax deduction for refuse disposal, so business trash, especially boxes, does not belong in street corner trash cans but in dumpsters behind the building where the business is located. Please–break the boxes down so more trash will fit in the dumpster.

I’ve noticed over the summer months that much of the trash in the pits and on the street itself is beer cans and beer bottles, which suggests that there is open public drinking or drinking and driving. Both are illegal. Liquor, including beer, should be consumed only indoors, so patrons leaving restaurants with cans and bottles are breaking the law twice, once by drinking in the street and a second time by littering. What Devon really needs is police on foot patrol. They can nab the drinkers and the louts who park in bus stops, especially the ones who keep the blinkers on and spend an hour or more inside, shopping or eating.

Ticketing  illegal drinkers and illegal parkers would be good for residents. I’m tired of seeing senior citizens forced to get off the bus in the middle of the street, struggling to get themselves and their walkers out of traffic, all because some arrogant idiot feels entitled to park at the bus stop because his restaurant or grocery store is nearby, and he/she doesn’t care about anybody else.

Ticket the bums.

2 thoughts on “Devon Garbage Pits

  1. Other neighborhood “downtown” areas, like Bryn Mawr between Broadway and Sheridan, and Morse between Ashland and Sheridan, have beat cops (both on foot, bicycles, cars). Why can’t Devon, from Western to California?


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