Devon Avenue’s Open Garbage Pits

Devon, Western to Whipple. Every block defaced by open garbage pits or street corner trashcans filled with household garbage. Worse, the new seating areas encourage people to sit, talk, and snack, but lack trash receptacles, so the planters and nearby garden areas serve as dumping grounds for water bottles, coffee cups, food containers, chip bags, and cigarette packs.  This is true even for those seating areas west of California, the area that was completed first.

It’s simply disgraceful.  All pictures were taken Tuesday morning, August 11, 2015.

To be fair, so many residents dump their household garbage in street corner trashcans rather than in their own dumpsters that there’s almost no room for anything else.

The new seating areas lack trash cans so trash winds up in planters, on parkways, and on the ground. Then there’s the unfinished seating area below that clearly demonstrates what could happen if trash cans are added to seating areas.

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