Devon Community Market, July 29

The last July market for this year disappointed its organizers, its vendors, and its customers. Even Milt’s BBQ couldn’t draw the crowd it drew just two weeks ago. The circumstances just weren’t right for a Wednesday afternoon market this week.

Organizers were expecting a good selection of vendors, but several cancelled at the last minute. It was a hot afternoon; several days of intense heat and humidity kept shoppers indoors. The event received very little publicity, and what there was didn’t necessarily help. The alderman’s e-mail, for example, described “a new farmer” without giving a name. One has to wonder how enthused she is about bringing farmers to the neighborhood if she and her staff can’t be bothered to learn the farm’s name.

For the record, it was Twin Garden Farms, which brought a unique product to the market: TGF Mirai® sweet corn that can be eaten off the cob without cooking. Operated by the Ahrens family since 1954, Twin Garden Farms is located in Harvey, Illinois,

Nathan of Twin Garden Farms, a first-time vendor at the Devon Community Market.

Nathan of Twin Garden Farms, a first-time vendor at the Devon Community Market.

and developed this hybrid corn there. According to the Farm’s Web site, “‘mirai’ is a Japanese word that means ‘taste of the future.'”  I saw people happily munching away, so it must be good.

Twin Garden Farms will return to the market on August 5. Stop by and see Nathan. And if you like the corn, seeds are available through the Farm’s Web site.

Friendship Center made its first appearance of the season, giving toys and twisty balloons to children.

Returning vendors included MarGREAT’s Lemonade, Milt’s BBQ, Bites of Pleasure Foods, Steven Frank Farms, Music House, DevOn Arts, Go Green Science Lab, and the West Ridge Chamber of Commerce.

Jazz musician Vernon Ingram entertained with another stellar performance.

The Devon Community Market is halfway through its 2015 season. A break in the weather should help attract more customers next week.


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