Devon Community Market, July 22

This week’s Devon Community Market was notable more for its growing pains than for its offerings. The published vendor list was wrong. Too many vendors crowded into one small area, and some of the vendors were late in setting up. Early arrivals found a half-empty parking lot, and some customers left, thinking most of the vendors hadn’t shown up. There was no ready-to-eat food available. The youngest vendors expanded their business, offering overpriced fruit juice and cans of soda. Two dollars for a can of soda or a juicebox? Please. A little adult guidance on pricing is needed.

There were bright spots.

A new vendor, Ensley Lee Wright, offered sunglasses, caps, and bags designed by its founder, Ensley Venson.

Ensley Venson , Founder of Ensley Lee Wright

Ensley Venson , Founder of Ensley Lee Wright

His two-year-old company also markets tee shirts through its online store ( .

The company will do customized design work.



Vernon Ingram’s jazz performance was simply superb.  He’s not a flashy showman. He dazzled through talent and artistry.

Let’s hope he’ll be back. He deserves a larger audience.

Vernon Ingram

Vernon Ingram

There were several information vendors–Oak Street Health, ChiroOne Spinal Screenings, and the High Ridge Y, whose staff led a spirited Zumba number.

St. James Presbyterian Church offered spiritual books and lovely, hand-painted inspirational stones. [A reminder: The Church offers Saturday Yoga classes from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. ($10/class, or 6 classes for $50). This Sunday St. James holds its annual Blessing of the Animals at 10:30 a.m. The church is at 6554 North Rockwell.]

Marej Sultana returned with her beautiful henna designs, and Joan Olson had a fresh selection of Avon products, including jewelry and perfume as well as handbags. Steven Frank Farms was back with a stunning array of fruits and vegetables. MarGREAT’s Lemonade did so well on this warm afternoon that she ran out of cups!  Luckily, it was just about time to go home.

Unfortunately, it was the final market for Fehr Bros. Farms, which had contracted for only three appearances.

There was plenty of entertainment for the kids.

Go Green Science Lab was the most popular attraction at the market, with young artists making masks and performing science experiments.

Young artists and scientists at Go Green Science Lab.

Young artists and scientists at Go Green Science Lab.

Devon Arts returned with its do-it-yourself mosaic, an enjoyable art challenge crowded with kids.

Michael from Ludy Gerardi facepainting had little faces blooming with flowers.

Music House Academy of Music and Dance offered information on its classes.

Mary, the children’s librarian at the Northtown branch, conducted a story hour with crafts.


Every market experiences an off-week. It’s probably a good thing that this one came early in the season. Now that it’s behind us, the market’s organizers and its customers can look forward to the rest of the season.

1 thought on “Devon Community Market, July 22

  1. How timely. I just sent a ranting message about the market to the West Rogers Park message board and was told about this site.

    I’ve gone to this market nearly every week since 2014. Last Wednesday was the last time. This market is a lot of overpriced nothing. While the local artists are a nice touch, selections are paltry and prices are suited to those with “more dollars than sense”. The brick-n-mortar stores on Devon are a better option for fresh produce and snacks at reasonable prices.

    We deserve better than this.


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