Important Community Meeting – Devon-McCormick Blight

You may know that there’s been an effort to revitalize the McCormick-Lincoln commercial corridor. You may not know that the Village of Lincolnwood and the City of Chicago engaged the Urban Land Institute and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning to examine that area, identify its problems, and suggest solutions that would improve retailing in the area. The ULI released its report in September 2013. Read the report here.

The Jewish Community Council of West Rogers Park is sponsoring a forum on Tuesday evening, March 10, to discuss the portion of that area controlled by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. That area includes the shuttered theater, the decrepit parking lot, and the closed car wash . Officials of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District have been invited. The group’s announcement can be found here.

I hope you’ll make an effort to attend. Citizen involvement is the only thing that will begin to transform this ward.





2 thoughts on “Important Community Meeting – Devon-McCormick Blight

  1. Holding a forum about land development in a Synagogue? Seriously? I wonder if anyone else finds the choice of location for this meeting a bit strange? Are there no other non-denominational places for such a meeting to take place?

    Reminds me of what Avy Meyers said about where Zehra was holding some of her campaign meetups: “As for events and gatherings, almost all of her events are being held at Julianna’s, an Arab nightclub on Peterson near Sacramento. I have been invited to these events but have no intention of ever entering an Arab nightclub”

    Makes me wonder about the JCCWRP’s motivation. Is this really for the betterment of the community, or the betterment of the Alderwoman’s base constituents.

    While looking at the JCCWRP’s “About Us” section, I recalled reading about the name of a person who sits on their Board of Directors, and a person who Avy Meyer’s brought up in his 2015 election issue: Eric Rothner. Google his name and hope to God there are no intentions of bringing a nursing facility to this area.


    • Actually, most of Zehra’s events were at other venues. Avy Meyers misrepresented that and other things in his vicious attack on Zehra. As far as next week’s meeting, I don’t know if this is to help Debra or to prod her into getting something done. She ran a successful non-campaign by refusing to engage with her challengers. Because she couldn’t defend her record she chose to scare her base with talk of crime and her prowess as an auxiliary cop. She’s going to do nothing for the next four years except sponsor, organize, and host, and her base will continue to re-elect her. After all, the northwest sector of the ward gets all the public spending, so their little world is safe and secure. I hope that concerned residents like you will attend the meeting so we can get some idea of what’s really going on. If there are already plans in place for a nursing home, the community needs to get involved BEFORE it, too, becomes a done deal engineered in secrecy, which is the only way this ward seems to operate.


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