Reflections on the Election

The alderman won with 64% of the vote.

I don’t know anybody who’s happy about the job she did in her first term. The ward continues to go downhill, except where she lives.

The streetscape is a disaster. The street is now so narrow that emergency vehicles can’t get through, drivers exiting their cars can barely get their doors open if there’s traffic (and when isn’t there?), and bus riders are in peril because they all too often must exit in the traffic lane, the bus stops being blocked by vehicles.  The completed portion looks good although it doesn’t live up to the hype.

Storefronts continue to empty, only to be replaced by the same kind of business that’s just failed. She’s happy to fill storefronts rather than do the work involved in creating business districts.

She’s frightened people with all her talk about crime and crime prevention. She hosts seminars on public safety that are sparsely attended or else are social outings for seniors, and then takes credit for reducing crime.

She ignored the residents during the campaign, refusing to attend the two forums that included all the challengers, and lied shamelessly during the Chamber of Commerce forum. In DebLand, all is well. She carefully avoided all venues in which her sunny view would be challenged.

She acted throughout as though she were far above it all.  The vote totals are too lopsided to be true. There are too many stories and videos that paint a different picture. The fact that none of the four challengers had much money means that nobody has the money to challenge the results. She’s home free.

But something has changed. You can feel it. People feel cheated. Their votes didn’t count, or weren’t counted correctly. The Silversteins overreached with the landslide numbers. People resent it.

DNA Chicago reported that “dozens” of her supporters cheered her victory. Dozens?  For such an historic landslide?

There is growing opposition to the Silversteins’ power and the way they use it. Nobody really believes the election numbers.

She’ll be watched more closely this tern. Illinois law is silent on recalling aldermen. As is Chicago’s.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be done.




4 thoughts on “Reflections on the Election

  1. Yeah, I read the same DNA article. The “dozens” made me laugh as well. Probably more like the regulars in the neighborhood that happened to be taking in the Blackhawks game that evening.

    One of the rather odd things I found about Deb’s campaign win (and there have been many) was that she held her re-election party at McKellin’s, the very bar located in a building that is currently up for sale. Another Silverstein Success Story! Talk about mixed messages for her ward accomplishments. She should’ve held it directly across the street in the vacant storefront on the corner – at least that way she could’ve boasted about something she actually accomplished, if only for a few hours.

    She may have blew off two forums, but she did do this wonderful one-on-one interview with Rabbi Doug. Although, according to the comment section it sounds like she almost blew him off as well. Oy Vey!

    For how piss poor this ward has been managed under her stewardship I think it would be great if you could continue on with this blog covering her (sure to be) continued bungles and mishaps. This blog may have came a little too late for this election, but there will be another, and Ira’s time is coming.


    • Yeah, that party at McKellin’s was a killer! I suspect you’re right about the crowd being there for the hockey game, and I love your suggestion about the vacant building. I’m just stunned by the election results and by the lack of covered about the shameless electioneering by both of them, showing up at polling places, talking to voters, etc. I hadn’t see the Rabbi Doug interview — thanks for sharing!
      I am continuing the blog, and will be expanding it over the next few weeks to include coverage of some of the remarkable people who live here. I will also continue writing about the sorry state of ward administration. You are certainly right about Ira, and I hope we will soon see more credible and qualified candidates surface for both of his jobs.


  2. I stumbled across this blog and I must let you know how disgraceful some of these posts are. Just because you don’t support the Alderman doesn’t mean the rest of the neighborhood feels the same way. You not knowing anyone who supports the Alderman says more about you and the lack of actual humans you interact with on a daily basis, I think you’re spending too much time blogging. Polling showed pretty consistently that she was going to win by a wide margin, in fact, Aldertrack (a reputable political news outlet, unlike your blog) had said the day before that she would win by over 60%. Just because you’re not happy with the results doesn’t mean you should denigrate the results or use the lack of turnout as an excuse. Turnout was down across the city and if the Ward was so unhappy with the Alderman, voters would show up. While you might disagree with the Alderman, accusing her of voter fraud is truly outlandish and disrespectful to a large portion of the neighborhood that supports her. And furthermore, those reports of voter fraud and suspicious behavior were actually in reference to Quadri and Kuriakose supporters electioneering at Warren Park — I would know because I was there when the cops came. I’m a big supporter of the Alderman, she has helped my family in numerous ways and is a good person.

    I know this will all fall on deaf ears, because anyone who spends their free time creating this crackpot blog clearly has their mind up but I write this in hopes that maybe you’ll question your behavior for just a second and maybe realize the world you live in is far different than reality.


    • I stand by what I’ve said. I think the fact that she’s helped you and your family may be coloring your view. As far as fraud allegations, I talked to several people who were also present at Warren Park, where members of the alderman’s family showed up to “check” on turnout, as they did throughout the ward. A little politicking on election day INSIDE the polling places? Yes. Referring to another person’s ideas as “crackpot” and not credible says a lot about you. I’d point out that you have no idea with whom I “interact…on a daily basis” so your comment is irrelevant. The people who support the alderman are the people who live in her end of the ward and get the bulk of city services and spending. She used fright talk–her crime-fighting focus–to scare people who are terrified of anyone who looks different, i.e., not white, and it worked. If your biggest fear is that of marauders at the gates of Winston Towers, then you’re a born Silverstein supporter. Yes, my reality is certainly different from yours. There’s a huge gulf between the south and north ends of the ward, and whether you live east or west of California is also important in determining what that world is. If my blog upsets you, don’t read it. My only responsibility is to tell the truth as I see it. I’ve done that, and will continue to do so.


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