Election Facts

Only 44% of the 50th Ward’s approximately 55,000 residents are registered voters (24,000).

Only 7,640 residents voted. That’s 13.5% of all residents, and 31% of registered voters.

Nearly 70% of the ward’s voters didn’t vote on Tuesday.

Silverstein’s re-election total of 4,909 votes means she was elected by 8.9% of the ward’s residents.

Silverstein was re-elected by 20% of registered voters.

Unofficial precinct totals from the Board of Elections show that she lost only 3 of 40 precincts (19, 29, and 31). View those totals  here.

Claiming her 64% win as a landslide of approval is meaningless.

The residents who didn’t vote had more of an influence than the ones who did.

This is the sorry state of the democratic process in the 50th Ward.

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