Silverstein Victory a Defeat for 50th Ward

Only two votes counted in yesterday’s aldermanic election.

They weren’t yours and mine.

Voting irregularities, electioneering, and intimidation were reported in virtually every precinct in the ward. The election results are so lopsided that the numbers themselves are proof of chicanery.  Not content with mere victory, the Silversteins had to have a landslide.

In their arrogance, they overreached. 

The election is over. The fight is just beginning.


4 thoughts on “Silverstein Victory a Defeat for 50th Ward

  1. Is there a way to see the reports of voting irregularities? I know that we reported Kuriakose “volunteers” handing out literature at the door of Warren Park during early voting


    • I’m looking into that. The Silversteins visited the precincts, both separately and together, and I was told by witnesses that they engaged in conversations with voters as well as judges. At no time did they present credentials that would allow them to remain in the precinct, which they were required to do by law. Uncredentialed poll watchers showed up at various precincts. Elderly voters were assisted by judges who were seen and heard making the ballots for Silverstein and Rahm. Both Kuriakose and Silverstein operatives were handing out literature inside the blue cones, especially at Warren Park. When they were called on it by a Quadri pollwatcher, the Kuriakose people called the police repeatedly and the police threatened to arrest the Quadri worker rather than the Kuriakose workers who were electioneering. I’ll keeo you posted on what I learn about making the complaints public.


    • Thank you for this info! I was also told that some judges told voters that there were no write-in candidates, and that in other cases judges “assisted” elderly voters by telling them to just vote for Silverstein and Rahm.


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