Shajan Never Voted in City Elections

Shajan Kuriakose, the carpetbagger who wants to be alderman, has never voted in an aldermanic election in the City of Chicago. NEVER. Not even ONCE.

This information came to light thanks to Zehra Quadri’s challenge to his residency. Voting records show that the man who has been busily registering residents to vote for HIM has never bothered to vote for anybody else who ran for alderman.

The man is shameless:

First, he established residency in February 2014, which is different from actually living in the ward.

Next,  he files a notice of intent to run for alderman.

Then he begins a charm offensive designed to overcome the hard evidence that he lives downtown and not in the 50th Ward. The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, ignoring its own rules, allowed him to remain on the ballot. Zehra Quadri appealed that decision to the Circuit Court, which accepted Shajan’s attorney’s statement that Shajan had voted in another ward last March just because he wanted to do his duty and vote. The judge ruled in his favor based on his alleged intent, not his provable actions.

He never voted in a City election before, he never voted for alderman before, but last March his right to vote became so compelling that he just HAD to do it. In another ward.

Zehra Quadri now has appealed that decision to the Appellate Court. There will be no decision before Election Day. The stench of political influence is everywhere in this election challenge.

The court appeals made the records submitted in the Board challenge publicly available. They were obtained using a FOIA request.

Read the records carefully.

They reveal a man who is willing to lie–and lie brazenly–just to get elected.

His claims of having grown up in the 50th Ward are lies. His family left the neighborhood when he was four. Visiting relatives is not the same as living here.

His claim to have volunteered for Harold  Washington is a lie–Shajan was 4 years old when Washington ran the first time, and 8 years old when Washington ran for his second term.

His claim that he is a successful businessman is dubious. He’s also the man who forgot to get a lease for the apartment he allegedly lives in on North Albany Avenue.

His claim that he lives full-time in the neighborhood is a lie. His electric bill shows a total of $1.61 for six days of service. At that rate, his monthly bill is less than $10.

His claim that he moved into the ward in February 2014 is a lie. Records from the Board of Elections clearly show that he swore he lived in the 3rd Ward in March 2014. Was he lying then? Or is he lying now?

The proof can be found here.

Do we really want a hypocrite for alderman?

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