Silverstein Dirty Tricks

As she heads downhill toward certain defeat, the Silverstein dirty tricks machine–commonly known as Ira–is in full swing.

Residents at Winston Towers who support Zehra Quadri have been informed that they will be fined if they distribute any literature on her behalf. Yep. Exercising your constitutional rights will cost you $300. Per incident.

Silverstein’s literature is all over the place. So is literature for Shajan. But not for Quadri.

The Silversteins cannot do enough to undermine Zehra Quadri and her work. They  tried and failed to put Zehra’s community resource center, ZAM’s Hope, out of service. One of Debra’s first acts as alderman was to cancel Zehra’s contract with the city to distribute free food boxes to hungry families in the 50th Ward. Ira has cancelled state funding for her after-school programs and other community service initiatives. The reason her commercial kitchen hasn’t opened is because Ira stopped her bank loan. Imagine. A local bank accepted her application, cashed her check, then told her it couldn’t help her. Guess where the evidence trail led.

Debra’s reputation for high-handedness is exceeded only by Ira’s. He’s called Quadri supporters and told them to back off on any public support. And private as well. The powerful politician delights in terrorizing potential contributors to Quadri’s campaign. He stops just short of overt threats but the message is clear. .

The stories about Ira are legion. Debra’s vindictiveness is known throughout the ward.

It’s just about over. She’ll be voted out on Tuesday.

Then it’s his turn.

3 thoughts on “Silverstein Dirty Tricks

  1. Maybe it would be time to give her office a call.

    Anita Alvarez: Zero tolerance for Election Day mischief


  2. Sadly, if anyone other than Debra wins will have go through the same “wrath”. They would have to work with Ira directly. Pretty sure that he will do everything in his power to make sure the next person in office (other then Debra) fails. Hope people do not vote him in next term either.


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