Quadri to Bring 500 Jobs to West Ridge

Zehra Quadri announced yesterday that she is opening a new business in West Ridge that will create 500 to 1,000 jobs. Quadri’s business will produce linens for hospitals in the United Arab Emirates. It will be the first factory in West Ridge to produce American-made goods for the UAE.

“I am very happy to create so many permanent, skilled jobs in the 50th Ward,” said Quadri. “These positions offer full on-the-job training, good pay, and benefits, and will enable members of our community to support their families, ensure themselves a successful future, and earn a part of the American Dream.”

“Just imagine: American goods produced by American workers right here in the 50th Ward!”

“I am so proud that we were able to create this opportunity for our community. I used my own contacts in Dubai to secure this contract. My neighborhood needs jobs, and we can build on this opportunity to open more small manufacturing facilities in West Ridge, thus  creating more jobs. We’ll be turning vacancies into revenue-producing businesses.”

Positions to be filled will include production work in sewing, quality control, shipping and receiving, administrative work, including accounting and managerial jobs, and security. She also expects to train a sales force to help grow the business.

“I’m looking at different locations in the ward to set up shop,” Quadri said. “I think that one of the large vacant buildings on Western would be good, but I haven’t decided yet.” The factory is expected to open later this year. “They are as eager as we are for production to begin.”

Quadri won the contract over competition from other countries, including China, which has been producing the linens. “There is a market in the Middle East for goods made in America. The high quality of work produced by American workers is known and valued throughout the world.”

When I spoke to Zehra she told me that the factory is an example of the kind of business mix she believes the ward needs. She said at the candidates’ forum that her full economic development plan will be available on her Web site on Friday.

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