My Endorsement

Some voters are still undecided about this aldermanic election. That’s understandable. We have five candidates, and campaign mailers and candidate Web sites are full of half-truths, outright lies, and long-winded visions that are so carefully worded they are essentially meaningless. We are not living in a Disney movie but in a ward where politics this year is especially treacherous.

I do not support Debra Silverstein. She has been a disaster as alderman. If she has any ideas she’s kept them hidden. If she understands that her actions affect real people she hasn’t shown it. She’s produced some of the slickest political ads I’ve ever seen, and most of them go overboard trying to turn her minor administrative work into major success stories. She does not deserve re-election.

I do not support Shajan Kuriakose. He is the tool of special interests on Devon that are seeking political power to match their business clout. That their businesses are in decline, and some are failing outright, is all the more reason for them to pour money into Kuriakose’s campaign. They must win to keep from making the changes the community has been demanding for years.

I am also unable to overlook the circumstances under which he moved here. It seems to me that one does not seek the top leadership position in a ward after living in it for less than a year, regardless of how fond one’s childhood memories of that ward may be. I cannot overlook the fact that he voted from another ward last March, swearing that he lived somewhere else. I don’t care how often the Chicago Board of Elections chooses to overlook the evidence of its own records, something is wrong with this decision. It is a fact that the business interests on Devon invited Shajan to move here and run for office, and that they promised him whatever it takes to win. He’s had no opposition from the Silversteins, no attack ads although he’s attacked her, which is also telling.

The two write-in candidates are good men, but I don’t want to use  my vote as a protest that might put Debra or Shajan in power.

I heartily endorse Zehra Quadri. My next post will explain in detail why.

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