Illegal Electioneering?

Is it true that Debra and Ira Silverstein showed up at Warren Park during early voting on Friday not to vote but to do a little campaigning?

Is it true that they were seen talking to voters who had just entered the field house?

Is it true that they were not asked to leave until Zehra Quadri, who had been greeting voters on the sidewalk outside the park, walked into the field house and asked what they were doing?

Zehra Quadri tells me that Ira parked his car near where she was standing, and that Zehra jokingly asked Debra if she wanted one of Zehra’s palm cards. She asked if they were going to vote, and they said no.  Zehra waited until the Silversteins were in the field house and then went in herself and found them with the park manager, the Board of Elections supervisor, and three voters with whom Zehra herself had just spoken on the sidewalk.  Zehra quite rightly pointed out that the rules are the same for all candidates, i.e., they have to stand a certain distance from the polling place, and that this rule applies to Debra as well as it does to everybody else. It was then that the Silversteins were told they had to leave.

The Silversteins know better than this. They had no business at the early voting site unless they were voting. No information on turnout would have been released to them that they couldn’t have obtained with a phone call.

It’s the start of the final full week of campaigning, and things are bound to get dirtier.

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