Kuriakose Residency Upheld

A Circuit Court judge yesterday ruled that Shajan Kuriakose may remain on the ballot as a candidate for 50th ward alderman, ruling against Zehra Quadri’s challenge to his residency. The judge agreed with the spurious argument made by Kuriakose’s attorney that Kuriakose just wanted to vote, like any other good citizen. See, he couldn’t vote in the 50th because he wasn’t registered since he’d just moved in to run for alderman . Correcting his registration was just one of those little details that slipped his mind in the rush to get here to be anointed the ward’s leader.

The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners disregarded its own rules in favoring Kuriakose, and the judge went along. The rules that bind ordinary voters don’t have any bearing on what this carpetbagger and political opportunist does. He’s now got a court decision to prove it.

Remember this when you cast your ballot. If you want the highest ethical standards in your alderman, vote for someone else.




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