Minimum Wage Redux

The Chicago Sun-Times reported yesterday that the awful mailing piece in which Silverstein takes credit for giving Chicago a hike in the minimum wage has also been used in other wards. Seems that it comes from Rahm’s Chicago Forward super-PAC that plans to spend tons of money promoting re-election for those alderman who give him unquestioned support–the rubber stamp City Council members. Read he full story here.

This is just pathetic.

Do the Mayor and his high-priced marketing team think the voters will fall for this? Yes, they do. Enough of them, anyway.

Are the alderman who let this dreck go out in their names shameless in their determination to hold onto power? Yes, they are. Especially if they have nothing else to brag about.

Will the shame be ours if we re-elect these people? Yes, it will.



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