Silverstein and the Minimum Wage

The Silverstein campaign has released yet another silly mailer, this one praising Silverstein for raising Chicago’s minimum wage, apparently all by herself.

This ridiculous piece proclaims first that “Chicagoans deserve a $13 minimum wage” and that “Silverstein delivered.”  It doesn’t mention that the increase to $13/hour will not be fully achieved until 2019, with the first part of the raise not coming until July 2015, to be followed by annual increases until July 2019. No mention of the other 43 aldermen who also voted for it. But the silliness doesn’t stop there.

The reverse side claims that Silverstein both “fought for” and “delivered” the “minimum wage increase the 50th Ward deserves.” She was not a leader in fighting for a minimum wage increase. In fact, she wasn’t even a member of the Special Task Force that made the wage increase recommendation, although seven other aldermen were, including Joe Moore (49) and Ameya Pawar (47th).

This nonsense is accompanied by no fewer than three pictures of Herself.

The bill had the Mayor’s full support from the beginning. Silverstein is known for doing what the Mayor tells her to do. In fact, a 2014 report rated her among the Mayor’s most reliable rubber stamps. Read the full report here:

Let’s hope that the other 43 aldermen who voted for the minimum wage increase show more class than Silverstein and don’t attempt to claim solitary credit for the bill’s passage.

What a tacky campaign piece.  I suppose it’s to be expected when there’s nothing of real substance to brag about.



2 thoughts on “Silverstein and the Minimum Wage

  1. It seems not to occur to Illinois pols that the minimum wage hike is perhaps not the best tool in the box for spurring economic growth, to say the least.

    I appreciate that they mean well, but hikes in the minimum wage drive price and wage increases- that is, consumer inflation- across the board, to the detriment of savers, senior citizens, and small businesses. At the same time, they do nothing to improve the lifestyle of those at the bottom of the wage ladder, who will feel good for perhaps a few months at the most, until home rentals, and the prices of essential goods and services, rise to cancel out the benefit, and we once more discover that the bottom is the bottom and there is no getting around that. I lived better on the minimum wage of $2 an hour in 1974, than minimum wage earners do now, even though the minimum has risen steeply since that time.

    A better approach to correcting the increasing wealth gap would be to restore an honest financial system and reverse fiscal policies like ZIRP, that drive asset inflation and debt creation, and remorselessly funnel the wealth of the population to the financial oligarchy in this country.


    • I couldn’t agree more. I learned yesterday that Zehra Quadri wants to use some of the vacant storefronts throughout the ward as indoor malls that would provide shoppers a boutique experience and help shopkeepers hold costs down while they build their businesses. Her basic idea is that a large storefront with multiple entrances (like the old Rosenblum’s spot on Devon) would be laid out with display cases similar to those found in major department stores. Each shopkeeper would have a separate space defined by these display counters. Rent would be far less than in a storefront, and groups of similar vendors would be housed together. The example she gave me is that of a gift mall, with vendors selling imported teas, chocolates, textiles, and gift items. She also envisions another mall filled with work from local artisans. She believes that training should be provided to the shop owners to help them grow their businesses, and that when those businesses are stable and making money, they would move into storefronts. In other words, the indoor malls would serve as business incubators. Don’t give up your idea of owning a business in West Ridge.


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