Fuji Shioura

Fuji Shioura describes himself as an educator and technologist. Fuji is running as a write-in candidate, having lost his spot on the ballot because he could not overcome objections to signatures on his nominating petitions.

He is clearly talented—look at his Web site and the seal he designed for the 50th ward—and a man of many ideas. Unfortunately, his ideas come so fast and furious that it’s hard to keep up with them, and many  are impractical or unnecessary..

Like the other candidates, Fuji  recognizes that the ward is in terrible economic shape. His solutions for improving that situation are unfocused, such as the suggestion that shoppers leave their cars at Warren Park while free shuttle buses take them around to stores. Like the other candidates, he expresses his ideas for economic development in terms so vague that no clear platform emerges.

His habit of running for every available office doesn’t help make the case for him as a serious aldermanic contender. Last fall he ran for the U.S. Senate, and previously ran for mayor of Skokie and the U.S. Congress.

That said, no matter who becomes alderman I think we need Fuji’s brand of offbeat creativity. If he can settle down and focus, one of his ideas might be just the creative spark we need to get this ward moving again.


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