Postcard from Shajan

Today’s mail included a campaign piece from Shajan Kuriakose. After the New Year greeting and the campaign pitch, he shamelessly attempts to link his campaign with the city’s Chicago Snow Corps, suggesting that, “in the spirit of working together,” those who wish to participate in the program contact his campaign office or the city, in that order.  Kuriakose had nothing to do with the creation of this citywide program but, like the current alderman, he’s willing to take credit for it–indirectly, of course–if it will win him a few votes. No, he didn’t actually say it was his program, he just used a city program in his advertising and worded the copy to suggest the program came from him. Old-style politics from a new ward resident who wants to lead the 50th Ward into the future.

We’re going to need a truth squad to follow this guy around.

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